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Concrete Floats & Why That Means it Might be Time for Pool Repairs

Concrete Floats & Why That Means it Might be Time for Pool Repairs

You installed a concrete pool because you wanted the most solid pool you could get. And, if you managed to find a reliable pool installer, that’s exactly what you got. Concrete is by far the most durable of all the different materials used for pool construction.

But the durability of concrete can create a false sense of security for homeowners who install concrete pools. It’s not that their faith in concrete’s strength is misplaced, It’s just that there are forces at work that are even more powerful than concrete.

Collectively, those forces are called Mother Nature.

You might be able to see a quick example of what we mean fairly soon in your own concrete pool. It’s been a cold winter here in York Region, but it hasn’t been without it’s warmer times. That fluctuation between deep freezes and milder thaws can cause havoc for a concrete pols and decks, especially older ones that were already cracked.

Just like it does to sidewalks, driveways and just abut any other concrete structure that is built on the ground, water can seep below it, either through cracks or by shifts in the groundwater beside or beneath the concrete structure.

Groundwater is present everywhere, even in deserts, but it’s not the ground water itself that damages your pool (unless you have a lot of ground water).  But, regardless of where the water came from, when it gets below your deck or pool, and it freezes, it will expand and put pressure on the concrete around it.

Let’s not make concrete out to be a weakling in the presence of a bit of frozen water. If you have a new concrete pool, you can likely rely on many years of worry-free enjoyment.

But, back to the winter we’re freezing through here Southern Ontario, it’s a bad one for more reasons than the persistent sub-zero temperatures. There’s also been lots of snow. While that’s nice to look at and ski over, it means that, in those few times where the temperatures rose above zero, the melting snow and ice means more water may have gotten below and around your pool and deck. And when the temperatures once again plunged below zero, it froze the ground to deeper levels.

When the increased levels of water from melted snow freezes at a deeper level than usual due to the sustained double-digit below-freezing temperatures, it can add an exponential amount of pressure to your pool and deck versus a normal winter (whatever that is).

While all that extra water freezing once might not cause any cracking, every time it thaws and refreezes, the pressure it exerts on your pool is released and reapplied. That exposes your pool to a ‘push and pull’ effect that can, over time, cause cracks in your pool walls and/or deck.

Did You Keep Water in Your Pool?

Speaking of groundwater, another problem from all the snow we’ve had this winter will happen during spring run-off. While a lot of snow melted in one or two to the thaws, the runoff may not have drained away completely before the

ground refroze (if it even thawed). That means, with the added snow we’ve had since the last thaw, plus what’s frozen in the ground, there could be higher levels of groundwater this spring.

That shouldn’t be a problem for concrete pool owners, if you keep the water in your pool throughout the winter. If you’ve ever wondered why you’re advised to keep water in the pool, it’s because concreate floats. With no water in your pool, and lots of water in the ground around the pool, the pool can actually be lifted (or floated) by the pressure from the groundwater

Of course, you’re supposed to float on the water in the pool, but the pool isn’t supposed to float on the water outside the pool.

If you’d like to learn more about how to prevent damage to your concrete pool this spring, get in touch with us here at Aveco Pools. We’re concrete pool experts.

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Pool?

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Pool?

Getting through the -20 degree temperatures we’re basking in here in York Region and the GTA might not be as difficult as you think. Just use your imagination to picture yourself on a sizzling hot summer’s day, relaxing by the pool, enjoying some tasty snacks, cool beverages and great company.

Not working for you? Don’t feel bad. It probably isn’t your fault. If dreaming about summer days by your pool isn’t what it used to be, it might be because your pool isn’t what it used to be.

That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it. Your pool could be in the same great shape it was in when you installed it, yet somehow you don’t get the same excitement from it that you did in those first few summers.

Upgrade Time

It’s only natural that we don’t have the same enthusiasm for something that doesn’t change from year-to-year. So maybe this year is a good one to bring back some of that ‘brand new’ pool feeling by adding a new feature to your pool.

But where do you begin? With lots of great pool upgrades to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you.

Here are just a few ideas, starting with some of the basics and moving up to some of the latest features, all of which can be installed in new or existing pools.

Diving Boards & Water Slides

You know how much fun it is to jump into the pool. Boards and slides make it even more fun.

Pool Steps

Not just a way to get into and out of the pool, steps are a great place to relax and they add a way for younger children to be in the pool and still touch bottom.

Pool Decks & Patios

They frame your pool and installing a beautiful flagstone coping, interlock or pattern concrete deck reframes it nicely. Patios can add additional ‘living space’ around your pool for an eating area, play place or fire pit.

Spas, Hot Tubs & Whirl Pools

Not just a new feature, but a new way to enjoy being in the water. And spillover features give you a bonus water fall in your pool too.

Cabanas & Pergolas

If your pool is in full sun, the shade and privacy of a cabana or pergola can be welcome relief. And if you already have it made in the shade, then a privacy panel can be just the thing to set your pool apart.

Water Features

If you haven’t looked into adding a water feature recently, you might be pleasantly surprised by what’s available. From water falls and fountains, to deck jets and mist sprayers, there are many more ways to enjoy the water than ever before.


If you want a really new way to enjoy your pool, lighting features make it just as fun and exciting at night as in the day time, maybe more so. Light up your pool and its surroundings with bright energy-efficient LED lights to add a whole new dimension to your pool enjoyment.

Barbecues & Fire Pits

Whether you do a lot of entertaining, or you simply like spending more time outdoors with the family, having a place to prepare and enjoy meals, and a fire pit to gather round, even on cooler evenings, means you can do more of both.

There are lots of other great ways for you to add new levels of enjoyment to your backyard pool this year. Give us a call here at Aveco Pools to learn more.

‘Tis the Season – To Think About Your Pool

‘Tis the Season – To Think About Your Pool

First, we hope you and your family enjoy a safe and healthy holiday season and have a Happy New Year, especially in your pool!

While it seems a long time ago now, we hope you were able to enjoy your pool at least into October this year because of the warm autumn we had here in Stouffville and York Region. It’s a good thing too, because the summer wasn’t exactly a scorcher.

But, regardless of how long you managed to keep the pool open this year (maybe you’re still swimming!), it’s probably far from your mind right now, especially in the midst of the busiest time of the year.

Still, this can be a great time to at least start thinking about your pool and any maintenance or repairs it might need.

First, if you’re like most pool owners, you think about these things only when the pool’s open. But you don’t want to miss the few precious days of summer, so you don’t end up getting anything done.

Second, if you start thinking about pool maintenance and repair now, and get in touch with a pool company early in the new year, you can find yourself first in line when spring rolls around.

What to Consider

Sometimes the pool is so far out of your thoughts at this time of year that it can be difficult to remember everything you were thinking about or needed last summer.

It’s important to keep in mind that, when it comes to maintenance and repair, one of them prevents the other.

You can wait until you have to shut down the pool in the middle of July to repair a leak or broken pump, or have your pool and equipment regularly inspected and maintained, especially early in the spring, and avoid the closure.

So, pool maintenance should be a high priority.

Pool Liner, Walls & Tiles

Pool leak detection is perhaps the most crucial pool maintenance task there is. If there is a leak, it will only get worse and the sooner your repair it, the less damage there will be and less it will cost to repair. If you must lower the level of the pool to repair a leak, or for any other reason, like when you close it for the winter, it’s a good time to check the tile, grout a caulking around the outside edge of the pool for any repairs or replacement that might be needed.


From water filters to your solar covers, every piece of equipment associated with your pool is exposed to harsh chemicals for at least half the year. While the filter equipment, pumps and heaters are designed to handle the chemicals, they still take a beating.

Again, to make sure you’re not sitting on the deck in the middle of summer, have your pool equipment inspected when you open the pool in the spring, including filter equipment, the filter itself, pumps, water heaters, cleaning equipment, safety equipment and covers.

Pool Accessories

When was the last time you did anything to maintain your diving board? With almost constant exposure to the sun, and often left in place over the winter, your diving board, water slides, steps and ladders take as much punishment as any other part of your pool.

The good news is that they’re a little easier to inspect, maintain and repair. Use a good fibreglass cleaner on them all to help protect against harsh sunlight. And a bit of polish will help keep the slide slippery so you don’t get stuck halfway down.

While it’s the season to enjoy time with your family and friends, there’s nothing wrong with sparing a moment for your pool. Your family and friends will thank you come springtime.

Fall is not Just a Time for Closing Your Pool

Fall is not Just a Time for Closing Your Pool

Fall is always a bit of a sad time for pool owners. Not only do you suffer through the same end of summer blues as everyone else, but you have to once again say goodbye to your pool, and all the fun you had with it this year.

And speaking of this year, it might be particularly frustrating to close your pool after the summer of 2017. With the highest temperatures and driest days happen in September, it wasn’t a summer full of long, hot days lazing by the pool.

What Can Pool Owners Do About the Autumn Blues?

In a way, pool owners have things a little bit backwards. Every spring they’re chomping at the bit, calling the pool company early to make sure they book their pool opening, checking equipment to make sure everything’s in good order, buying chemicals, getting new toys, and what about a new swimsuit? Oh, and you’ve been thinking, maybe adding that pool spa isn’t a bad idea after all.

Of course, no one can be blamed for letting the excitement of the approaching summer and anticipation of pool time fun get the better of them. It’s natural to think of the pool, it’s maintenance, upgrades and anything else about it in the spring.

But it’s also just about the worst time for all of those things.

Unfortunately, every other pool owner in town is thinking the same thing as you when springtime finally rolls around. That can pose a number of problems.

First, in the case of supplies and equipment, they might actually be tougher to find in the spring, even though pool supply companies have stocked up. And if you want to make that spa upgrade, or renovate the pool deck, or, if you don’t actually have an inground pool but you’re thinking about pulling the trigger, be prepared for a bit of a wait for installation while the pool company works through the waiting list of installations and renovations.

Fall is the New Pool Time

Instead of letting the melancholy of closing the pool and the curtains on summer set-in this fall, think about making improvements to your pool, even a full installation right now.

Here’s why the fall is a great time to improve your pool.

1. It Can be Less Costly

Of course, fall and winter are a down time in the pool business. Installers, landscapers and equipment manufacturers all see lower demand for their products and services. Pool equipment manufacturers use the time to set up for next year with improvements and newer versions of their products. Changes that often mean higher prices.

Despite the downturn in the fall, pool installers still have crews that they would like to keep busy and they are often willing to extend their working season by offering price discounts for their services.

2. Faster Installation

With lighter schedules in the fall, pool installers have more time to install or upgrade your pool, so it can usually happen faster than in the busy spring and summer seasons.

3. It’s a Good Time to do the Work

Especially for landscaping, the fall is a great time to do any work you want done around your pool. Temperatures are usually still mild enough to work comfortably and new plantings can suffer less stress than they do in the heat of summer.

One More Reason to Install, Maintain or Upgrade Your Pool in the Fall

Imagine how much more you’ll look forward to the spring knowing that all your new features are waiting for you!


How to Make Your Pool More Eco-Friendly and Save Money Too

How to Make Your Pool More Eco-Friendly and Save Money Too

First of all, you can’t be blamed if I took you a while to take your first dip in the pool. The spring in York Region was cool and wet. In fact, you couldn’t even be blamed if you didn’t open your pool until later than usual this year. Who needs to pay for running the pool when you don’t feel like swimming?

Older pools particularly can be a little more expensive to run due to increased maintenance and energy consumption of older pumps and heaters.

The cool thing is, whether you have an existing in-ground pool or you’re planning to get a new one, by spending a little more to get newer, more energy-efficient equipment, you can end up keeping lots more money in your pocket over the life of your pool.

Take a look at just the first example below to get an idea of how much you can save from all the different ways of making your pool more eco-friendly.

Salt Chlorine Generator

First, making the switch to a salt-water pool isn’t as difficult as you think. Salt, or sodium chloride, is partly chlorine (the chloride bit). This more natural, consistent source of chlorine for the pool means you’ll probably not have to ‘shock’ it any more. It also reduces the maintenance needed because you don’t have to check chlorine levels or add chlorine.
How much money can you save by installing or switching to a salt chlorine generator? Even if you get a fairly high quality generator at $1,500, and you use about $500 in chemicals (not to mention measuring, mixing and adding them), you’ll pay off your eco investment in three years.

Automatic Systems

Unfortunately, even if you keep an eye on when you turned on the heater, you don’t always shut it off at the right time. That can mean you were heating the water longer than you needed to. With automatic pool control systems, not only does your equipment run more efficiently, you have control of your entire pool, including heat, jets, lights, even water falls, from the palm of your hand.

Energy-Efficient Equipment

This might be where you can save the most money. New, multi-speed ‘smart’ pumps can reduce electrical consumption by up to 90%. Even just making the switch to LED lighting can produce significant saving if you light your pool often.

So why not make the ‘eco-friendly’ switch. You’ll have less maintenance to do, you’ll feel great for doing what you can to save the planet, and you’ll save money too!

Pool Designs and Trends for 2017

Modern Swimming Pool DesignTrends in fashion are a yearly thing. Trends in food seem to change monthly. One trend that is exciting and offers you something in return for being “hip” is that of pool designs. Pool trends change too, but you never have to worry about your swimming pool design decreasing in value. Instead, when you add a pool to your home, you also boost market value and appeal.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas to Match the Latest Trends

The trends for swimming pool designs and plans in 2017 are exciting. They take some of the traditional aspects of pool design, and make them more unique, aesthetically appealing, and fun. Whether you are looking for pool ideas for small backyards or you want to update your existing pool, it is important to know the trends and then decide on a look and feel that matches your home’s architectural style and landscape.

Here are some of the latest swimming pool designs for homes:

  • Underwater Technology: Today it is all about advanced technology. From adding underwater speakers to listen to your favourite tunes while you swim, to adding advanced underwater LED lighting for setting the scene, new technology has big appeal. Speakers and lights can be added to existing pools or installed with new ones.
  • Pool Automation: Automation is trending with swimming pools today. More homeowners want to remotely turn on and off systems, prime the jets in their pool, or activate the pool heater, so the water is warm and welcoming just in time.
  • Modern Swimming Pool In BackyardColours and Walls: The colours of today’s swimming pools are leaning toward the clean, modern look. Also, darker coloured pool surfaces are becoming the preferred option for swimming pool designs in small and big yards alike. Acrylic wall pools are increasingly popular. These clear-sided pools are fun for above-ground models and spas overlooking your pool.
  • Setting the Mood: Creating the perfect backyard oasis is every homeowner’s dream. After all, the idea of a “staycation” is popular with today’s budget-savvy consumer. Building tanning ledges, multiple pool patios, and adding water features are just a few ways to stay home and enjoy the perfect holiday with plenty of pool fun. Also, fire pits and barbecues that come right up to the pool are ideal when you need compact poolside ideas for small backyards. Resort-like entryways and beach entries are also trending as more people are choosing to avoid expensive travel without giving up on the leisure and relaxation.
  • Size: Smaller pools are growing in popularity. While they still offer the depth you need to swim properly, homeowners are taking advantage of useable square footage to install swimming pools suited to their backyard’s compact size.

Whether you are eager to embrace trendy Swimming Pool Designs & Build one from the ground up or just Revamp Your Existing Pool, Aveco Pools can help. We offer swimming pool design guides and experts ready to create the ideal pool for your home and budget.

Summer is almost here, so to get your pool ready just in time for the heat, schedule a consultation with our design team. Contact us here at Aveco Pools to order an inground vinyl pool today or give us a call at 1-905-640-2666.

Choosing the Right Type of Inground Pool

Cleaning Inground PoolSwimming pools come in a number of designs and shapes. You can create something that’s uniquely suited for your backyard and property design. At Aveco Pools, we recommend inground pools to clients who want the luxury right in their backyard without compromising the overall aesthetic of their property. We can handle all kinds of Pool Builds and are familiar with many different designs.

What is an Inground Pool?

As the name suggests, an inground swimming pool is built in the ground and therefore, sits flush against the backyard’s surface. The swimming pool structure won’t sit above the ground and stand out like an elevated area interrupting your serene view. This type of construction requires more effort because contractors have to dig into the soil to create space, but the end result is worth the time and expense involved.

What Types of Inground Pools are Available?

You can choose between a number of inground Pool Designs based on your budget, preferences, and home architecture. We recommend that you consult with a professional before you make your choice. An experienced pool construction company can recommend the best type of pool for you after they consider your requirements in detail. You can choose between the following options:

  • Concrete pools – These pools are very durable and can be custom designed to fit your requirements. The versatility in shape and design makes this an ideal choice for homeowners with smaller backyards.
  • Vinyl pools – With this type of pool, sheets of vinyl are placed between the pool water and the underlying sand or concrete base. These sheets protect the concrete from excess moisture to ensure it doesn’t crack.
  • Fiberglass pools – These pools are easy and quick to install. They are also easy to customize as they can be moulded into any shape and size required.

How Much Do Inground Pools Cost?

  • Inground Pool In Residential BackyardConcrete pools – These pools can cost anywhere between $50,000 and $100,000.
  • Fiberglass pools – These can cost anywhere between $45,000 and $85,000 if the installation is completely handled by a professional. You can reduce the cost by a considerable margin if you install it yourself, but the effort involved can be a big deterrent.
  • Vinyl liner pools – A DIY project will cost around $20,000 while a professional installation will cost around $35,000 to $55,000. It is worth getting professionals for the job as they will have the right tools, equipment and training to ensure the pool is installed correctly and will last for years.

What is a Semi-Inground Pool?

Semi-inground pools are a more affordable alternative to regular inground pools. The pool structure is only partially buried into the soil so you don’t have to dig as deep. You can also use more affordable materials to build this pool because it doesn’t have to endure as much pressure as traditional inground pools do. These pools aren’t as visible and distracting as completely above-the-ground pools.

How to Open Inground Pools after Winter

  • Remove the water and debris from the pool cover you placed on the pool before fall.
  • Remove, clean, and safely pack away your pool cover.
  • Remove the winter plugs as well as the skimmer ice compensators.
  • Reinstall your deck.
  • Fill the pool.
  • Prepare and start the filter and pump.
  • Clean the pool.
  • Jump in and enjoy your pool!

Summer is right around the corner so what are you waiting for? Contact us here at Aveco Pools to order an inground pool today or give us a call at 1 905-640-2666.

Uplift Your Backyard by Building a Pool Deck

A beautiful backyard with a Pool Deck
You find your spirits lifted as the warm weather approaches. Of course, you are thinking about ways to uplift your backyard this summer too. Building a pool deck is a smart idea to make pool and backyard time more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing. Imagine being able to step out of the water and relax in a poolside lounge chair right away on your new deck. Summer barbecues will be so easy to organize by the poolside. For those times when you want to enjoy the refreshing sight of the water, without getting into the pool, your deck allows you to walk around or sit with your favourite book and enjoy your backyard oasis.

Are you ready? Here are some professional pool deck building tips and design ideas from the experts at Aveco Pools.

How to Build a Pool Deck

Summer is coming soon and backyards across the country are starting to boast fascinating pool deck designs. It is not difficult to see why pool decks are so popular – they are inexpensive, fast and easy to set up, and do not need too much maintenance. The pool deck is a fun gathering place for your family and friends as well as a place to sunbathe or just hang out.

The problem is that many pool owners are unable to find enough interesting pool deck plans. The ones that look great may often require digging and pouring tons of concrete. However, a wooden deck can give you all the comfort, convenience and stylish upgrade you want for your pool and backyard.

Pool Deck Ideas & Designs

  • To avoid a long and expensive pool deck building project, you can build it using pressure-treated lumber.
  • You can make the sun deck connect to the pool deck for easier access to the water. You could place a table and some chairs around it on the sun deck, and even some chaise lounges.
  • One option is setting the entire deck up on concrete piers to avoid digging and pouring concrete. All you need to do is erect the piers on the ground.
  • Before you begin, check with your local building authorities to see if this type of pool deck design is allowed in your region.
  • Make sure you always have guardrails around your new pool deck for safety, especially if you are likely to have children and pets around.

The Costs Involved in Building a Pool Deck

An extravagant pool deck of a luxury house If you are building a pool deck, we recommend a very affordable alternative to concrete – timber decking, as mentioned above.

Advantages of this type of decking include the aesthetic features and its softness; which is important if you have children that might fall on the concrete and hurt themselves.

The natural beauty of timber is an important consideration. While it is true that timber requires more maintenance than concrete, it is still worth it because the surface is more resistant to slipping and you will not find puddles forming between the boards.

The price of timber decking is about the same as that of concrete, but in some cases it can be a bit more. On average, it is around $200 per square meter including work costs. Keep in mind that timber decking is the more sustainable option if you look at the job in general, including surface preparation and swimming pool costs. Timber decking can add $3,500 to the overall cost on average.

If the price isn’t your only consideration, click here for some more information as well as examples of popular types of pool decking and pool deck designs.

Contact Aveco Pools today for assistance with pool deck designs to get ready for summer. Contact us online or give us a call at 1 905-640-2666.

Creative, Efficient Pool Designs for Small Backyards

Planning the Perfect Pool Landscaping for Your Property

Landscape Pool Design With Water Fountain in Small BackyardYou don’t need a sprawling or large backyard for it to be wonderful. A little planning and creativity can make even a small open space, the perfect place to relax with friends and family. While accomplishing your goals and making your dreams a reality may be a bit more difficult if space is a constraint, you can find ways to enjoy the challenge. Think creativity, efficiency and aesthetics when planning a pool design for your small backyard.

If you are considering fitting a pool into your small backyard, it can be hard to imagine how it will work. Collaborate with a team that has extensive experience with pool design and can take into account your needs for landscaping and functionality. Aveco Pools offers a range of pool services including consulting and installation to help maximize your limited space with a beautiful in-ground swimming pool.

4 Considerations for Fitting a Swimming Pool in Your Small Backyard

Find the best material, shape, and size to make your small swimming pool a big hit.

Follow these guidelines and ensure the best pool design:

  • Understand the limitations with fiberglass: Fiberglass is manufactured in limited shapes and sizes. This can make it restrictive for homeowners with oddly shaped or particularly tiny backyards to fit their swimming pool. Our team can help you determine if there is a quality fiberglass manufacturer who produces a pool that will suit your property.
  • A nicely made swimming pool in a small backyardExplore the adaptability of concrete and vinyl: These pre-determined restrictions do not apply to concrete and vinyl pools, which can be customized from shape through to size. Few limitations exist, although pool experts will be able to ensure that the drainage system, length, and positioning on your property are suitable to get the most enjoyment and functionality possible from your in-ground swimming pool.
  • Shape: There is no universal answer to what shape is best for a smaller swimming pool. Curved pools, kidney-shaped options, and other oddly shaped pools will lose some water space when compared to more standard rectangular designs. However, they can provide much-needed decking options and area that is not only more aesthetic and practical, but also necessary from a legal perspective. Work with local pool experts to determine the best pool shape based on the size, orientation, slope, and depth of your backyard.
  • Maintenance: Smaller pools still require care and maintenance. Annual winterizing, draining, maintenance services, and repairs will need to be completed no matter what pool design you choose. Generally speaking, concrete pools are regarded as the most difficult material to maintain due to chemicals, cleaning processes, and wear and tear from seasonal fluctuations. Fiberglass is the least maintenance heavy option but, as noted above, may not be suitable for special cases that involve a smaller pool footprint.

Trust Aveco Pools for Optimal Pool Design

Work with us from design through to maintenance and seasonal openings for your in-ground swimming pool. We have years of experience offering dedicated pool services on properties of all sizes. Customize your pool or get recommendations for the best standard option that will suit your needs and budget.

Contact Aveco Pools today for assistance with landscaping pool designs. Check out our variety of pool services and contact us online.

How to Open Your In-Ground Pool After Winter

Get Back in the Water with a Professional Pool Opening Service and Useful Tips

An Aveco Specialist Testing Pool WaterAfter a long winter under covers and snow, it can be difficult to remember the best method for opening your in-ground pool for the summer season. From heating to water and pool opening chemicals, there are a lot of factors to take into account that may be hard to keep track of, especially if you are opening your pool for the first time.

Follow the steps below or work with Aveco Pools and take a more relaxed approach to preparing and maintaining your pool this year. Our experienced team provides a convenient pool opening service and regular maintenance so that you can enjoy what you love most about your in-ground or above ground swimming pool. Let us take care of the details while you just take a dip.

Key Steps to Open Your In-Ground Pool

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, use the following steps to guide you through preparing your pool to be opened.

Here are the top considerations and steps you will need to take when opening your pool after winter:

  • Solid Covers: Remove any debris or collected water from the top of the cover. Clear it off using a submersible pump if you have one available and use the diving board if it is lying directly on the cover.
  • Artificial Waterfall in a Stone WallMesh Covers: If you use a mesh winter cover, begin by loosening the anchors provided. Remove the cover and clean it before leaving it to air dry. Make any necessary repairs to straps or springs before placing it securely in storage. Note the warranty of your mesh pool cover when you get it, as most have specifications for storage and use that maintain the validity of the warranty.
  • Interior of In-Ground Pools: Remove any water lines or other damage. Effective, specialized products are available that can get the job done more easily. Be sure to choose a cleaner that is formulated for the material of your pool interior.
  • Equipment and Systems: Inspect your pool equipment thoroughly and make any necessary replacements or repairs before opening the pool. The pool skimmer should be installed, along with the sand filter, modular media cartridge, and pool pumps. Don’t forget to double check the security of all installations and grease the lid O-ring of your pool pumps. Heaters should be connected with the pop off valve shut and faucet valve closed. Open water and gate valves and prepare any additional accessories you use with your pool.
  • Priming Your Pool System: The first step is getting any anti-freeze out of the system. Do this by putting the valve in backwash setting in order to flush the waste away. Fill the pool 3/4 of the way with a skimmer and then proceed to fill the pump trap before turning the power on.
  • Chemicals: Most in-ground pools will require a combination of 8 or more gallons of chlorine, 1 quart of water clarifier, and 1 quart of algaecide. Allow the pump to run for 48 hours before testing the water. If you are using well water, be sure to circulate 1 liter of Metal Free before proceeding to add the chlorine mixture.

Let Aveco Pools Open Your In-Ground Swimming Pool after Winter

Have questions about the methods outlined above or unfamiliar with the different parts and steps to open your pool for the first time? Aveco Pools can help at the start of the summer and throughout the season. From opening to closing your swimming pool, and necessary maintenance checks in between, we are here to provide reliable services.

Contact Aveco Pools today for your pool opening. Check out our pool services and contact us online.