Tips From The Pool Construction Experts

Uplift Your Backyard by Building a Pool Deck

A beautiful backyard with a Pool Deck
You find your spirits lifted as the warm weather approaches. Of course, you are thinking about ways to uplift your backyard this summer too. Building a pool deck is a smart idea to make pool and backyard time more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing. Imagine being able to step out of the water and relax in a poolside lounge chair right away on your new deck. Summer barbecues will be so easy to organize by the poolside. For those times when you want to enjoy the refreshing sight of the water, without getting into the pool, your deck allows you to walk around or sit with your favourite book and enjoy your backyard oasis.

Are you ready? Here are some professional pool deck building tips and design ideas from the experts at Aveco Pools.

How to Build a Pool Deck

Summer is coming soon and backyards across the country are starting to boast fascinating pool deck designs. It is not difficult to see why pool decks are so popular – they are inexpensive, fast and easy to set up, and do not need too much maintenance. The pool deck is a fun gathering place for your family and friends as well as a place to sunbathe or just hang out.

The problem is that many pool owners are unable to find enough interesting pool deck plans. The ones that look great may often require digging and pouring tons of concrete. However, a wooden deck can give you all the comfort, convenience and stylish upgrade you want for your pool and backyard.

Pool Deck Ideas & Designs

  • To avoid a long and expensive pool deck building project, you can build it using pressure-treated lumber.
  • You can make the sun deck connect to the pool deck for easier access to the water. You could place a table and some chairs around it on the sun deck, and even some chaise lounges.
  • One option is setting the entire deck up on concrete piers to avoid digging and pouring concrete. All you need to do is erect the piers on the ground.
  • Before you begin, check with your local building authorities to see if this type of pool deck design is allowed in your region.
  • Make sure you always have guardrails around your new pool deck for safety, especially if you are likely to have children and pets around.

The Costs Involved in Building a Pool Deck

An extravagant pool deck of a luxury house If you are building a pool deck, we recommend a very affordable alternative to concrete – timber decking, as mentioned above.

Advantages of this type of decking include the aesthetic features and its softness; which is important if you have children that might fall on the concrete and hurt themselves.

The natural beauty of timber is an important consideration. While it is true that timber requires more maintenance than concrete, it is still worth it because the surface is more resistant to slipping and you will not find puddles forming between the boards.

The price of timber decking is about the same as that of concrete, but in some cases it can be a bit more. On average, it is around $200 per square meter including work costs. Keep in mind that timber decking is the more sustainable option if you look at the job in general, including surface preparation and swimming pool costs. Timber decking can add $3,500 to the overall cost on average.

If the price isn’t your only consideration, click here for some more information as well as examples of popular types of pool decking and pool deck designs.

Contact Aveco Pools today for assistance with pool deck designs to get ready for summer. Contact us online or give us a call at 1 905-640-2666.

Creative, Efficient Pool Designs for Small Backyards

Planning the Perfect Pool Landscaping for Your Property

Landscape Pool Design With Water Fountain in Small BackyardYou don’t need a sprawling or large backyard for it to be wonderful. A little planning and creativity can make even a small open space, the perfect place to relax with friends and family. While accomplishing your goals and making your dreams a reality may be a bit more difficult if space is a constraint, you can find ways to enjoy the challenge. Think creativity, efficiency and aesthetics when planning a pool design for your small backyard.

If you are considering fitting a pool into your small backyard, it can be hard to imagine how it will work. Collaborate with a team that has extensive experience with pool design and can take into account your needs for landscaping and functionality. Aveco Pools offers a range of pool services including consulting and installation to help maximize your limited space with a beautiful in-ground swimming pool.

4 Considerations for Fitting a Swimming Pool in Your Small Backyard

Find the best material, shape, and size to make your small swimming pool a big hit.

Follow these guidelines and ensure the best pool design:

  • Understand the limitations with fiberglass: Fiberglass is manufactured in limited shapes and sizes. This can make it restrictive for homeowners with oddly shaped or particularly tiny backyards to fit their swimming pool. Our team can help you determine if there is a quality fiberglass manufacturer who produces a pool that will suit your property.
  • A nicely made swimming pool in a small backyardExplore the adaptability of concrete and vinyl: These pre-determined restrictions do not apply to concrete and vinyl pools, which can be customized from shape through to size. Few limitations exist, although pool experts will be able to ensure that the drainage system, length, and positioning on your property are suitable to get the most enjoyment and functionality possible from your in-ground swimming pool.
  • Shape: There is no universal answer to what shape is best for a smaller swimming pool. Curved pools, kidney-shaped options, and other oddly shaped pools will lose some water space when compared to more standard rectangular designs. However, they can provide much-needed decking options and area that is not only more aesthetic and practical, but also necessary from a legal perspective. Work with local pool experts to determine the best pool shape based on the size, orientation, slope, and depth of your backyard.
  • Maintenance: Smaller pools still require care and maintenance. Annual winterizing, draining, maintenance services, and repairs will need to be completed no matter what pool design you choose. Generally speaking, concrete pools are regarded as the most difficult material to maintain due to chemicals, cleaning processes, and wear and tear from seasonal fluctuations. Fiberglass is the least maintenance heavy option but, as noted above, may not be suitable for special cases that involve a smaller pool footprint.

Trust Aveco Pools for Optimal Pool Design

Work with us from design through to maintenance and seasonal openings for your in-ground swimming pool. We have years of experience offering dedicated pool services on properties of all sizes. Customize your pool or get recommendations for the best standard option that will suit your needs and budget.

Contact Aveco Pools today for assistance with landscaping pool designs. Check out our variety of pool services and contact us online.

How to Open Your In-Ground Pool After Winter

Get Back in the Water with a Professional Pool Opening Service and Useful Tips

An Aveco Specialist Testing Pool WaterAfter a long winter under covers and snow, it can be difficult to remember the best method for opening your in-ground pool for the summer season. From heating to water and pool opening chemicals, there are a lot of factors to take into account that may be hard to keep track of, especially if you are opening your pool for the first time.

Follow the steps below or work with Aveco Pools and take a more relaxed approach to preparing and maintaining your pool this year. Our experienced team provides a convenient pool opening service and regular maintenance so that you can enjoy what you love most about your in-ground or above ground swimming pool. Let us take care of the details while you just take a dip.

Key Steps to Open Your In-Ground Pool

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, use the following steps to guide you through preparing your pool to be opened.

Here are the top considerations and steps you will need to take when opening your pool after winter:

  • Solid Covers: Remove any debris or collected water from the top of the cover. Clear it off using a submersible pump if you have one available and use the diving board if it is lying directly on the cover.
  • Artificial Waterfall in a Stone WallMesh Covers: If you use a mesh winter cover, begin by loosening the anchors provided. Remove the cover and clean it before leaving it to air dry. Make any necessary repairs to straps or springs before placing it securely in storage. Note the warranty of your mesh pool cover when you get it, as most have specifications for storage and use that maintain the validity of the warranty.
  • Interior of In-Ground Pools: Remove any water lines or other damage. Effective, specialized products are available that can get the job done more easily. Be sure to choose a cleaner that is formulated for the material of your pool interior.
  • Equipment and Systems: Inspect your pool equipment thoroughly and make any necessary replacements or repairs before opening the pool. The pool skimmer should be installed, along with the sand filter, modular media cartridge, and pool pumps. Don’t forget to double check the security of all installations and grease the lid O-ring of your pool pumps. Heaters should be connected with the pop off valve shut and faucet valve closed. Open water and gate valves and prepare any additional accessories you use with your pool.
  • Priming Your Pool System: The first step is getting any anti-freeze out of the system. Do this by putting the valve in backwash setting in order to flush the waste away. Fill the pool 3/4 of the way with a skimmer and then proceed to fill the pump trap before turning the power on.
  • Chemicals: Most in-ground pools will require a combination of 8 or more gallons of chlorine, 1 quart of water clarifier, and 1 quart of algaecide. Allow the pump to run for 48 hours before testing the water. If you are using well water, be sure to circulate 1 liter of Metal Free before proceeding to add the chlorine mixture.

Let Aveco Pools Open Your In-Ground Swimming Pool after Winter

Have questions about the methods outlined above or unfamiliar with the different parts and steps to open your pool for the first time? Aveco Pools can help at the start of the summer and throughout the season. From opening to closing your swimming pool, and necessary maintenance checks in between, we are here to provide reliable services.

Contact Aveco Pools today for your pool opening. Check out our pool services and contact us online.

Can I Change the Depth or Shape of My Swimming Pool?

When to Hire Pool Renovation Services

Inground Concrete Swimming PoolPools become a central social spot in many people’s homes. Morning workouts, lazy afternoons, and weekend barbecues make the swimming pool a much-loved part of many residences. If your current pool no longer fulfills your needs for the number of guests you host, age of your children, or personal interests and swimming pleasure, you may be wondering what your options are for changing the size of your inground swimming pool. Luckily, it is possible to convert a pool into a diving pool and have Pool Renovations completed that can ensure your pool is still as enjoyable and functional as possible for your family and guests.

If it is time to convert, renovate, or maintain your swimming pool, contact the experts at Aveco Pools. Our team has years of experience completing installations for New Pools or renovating existing pools. Read below to learn more about what is involved in altering yours or Reach Out to tell us more about your swimming pool and desired changes.

Considerations and Options for Renovating Your Inground Swimming Pool

Once you have identified the changes you want to make to your existing pool, you will likely be wondering if they are possible and how much they will cost to execute.

Here are the major changes that are possible for a swimming pool renovation:

  • Adjusting Depth: If you are interested in having more options for diving, you may be seeking a deeper pool. Do some research to determine the standards for the type of diving you want to practice and ensure you are considering all safety standards when finalizing the depth you will require.
  • Altering the Size: Compare prices for size adjustments with the cost of an entirely new pool installation. Sometimes, depending on your location, the price differential is not very much, and it is worthwhile to get the latest vinyl pool installed.
  • Changing the Shape: Whether you started with a customized shape and now want a more classic approach, or your existing shape does not complement your property, it is possible to change the shape design of your pool. Keep in mind that these changes can be expensive depending on the factors listed below.
  • Other Modifications: There are plenty of other options to upgrade, enhance, or renovate your inground pool. Consider adding new accessories like an upgraded diving board, slide, or adjusting the entrance area for a more safe and accessible pool. Speak with the professionals at Aveco Pools if you have something particular in mind and we can help with advice and services to make your vision a reality.

Keep these considerations in mind for a successful inground pool conversion:

  • Swimming Pool AlterationsDrainage and Return Lines: Size changes in particular mean that a lot of attention will need to be paid to your existing water lines. Most renovations should be able to utilize the existing system, so you can save on new parts and the labour involved. Book an assessment and consultation to determine how much of your existing lines can be rerouted and reused.
  • Pool Type: The style of your pool is the biggest determining factor for how much your pool renovation services will cost. Vinyl Inground Swimming Pools are the easiest to alter. A quick cosmetic refresh can be completed by changing the liner, or a depth change can be made without overly extensive work. Pools that are made with polymer and steel walls will have a similar budget and are also fairly easy to adjust. Fiberglass swimming pool renovations are more difficult and costly, and may be limited in terms of the final results. Concrete is extremely difficult to re-do but can be completed if you have the budget.
  • Price: One of the biggest decision-making factors for many pool owners is the cost of the swimming pool renovation. If you want to change the depth of your pool, alterations to vinyl or steel and polymer pools can cost between $10,000 to $50,000. Depending on the market, Changes to Concrete Pools can be twice that price for adjustments.

Change the Size of Your Inground Swimming Pool with Aveco Pools

Aveco Pools can provide an estimate and customized pool alteration services to inground pools across the GTA.with the renovations you need.

Contact Aveco Pools today for assistance with your old pool replacement or filling. Check out our Pool Services or Contact us Online.

Should I Fill or Replace My Inground Pool?

Pros and Cons to Consider

Cleaning Swimming PoolPools can add a lot of aesthetic and functional value to your property. Fitness, fun, communal space, luxury, and a private oasis can all be yours with a backyard fiberglass pool. There are also a host of maintenance considerations, costs, and upkeep related tasks that are typically associated with inground pools.

If you are at a stage with your existing fiberglass or vinyl pool where you are unsure whether it is best to have it filled and forgotten, or replaced and rejuvenated, you must take the time to weigh your options carefully. Enjoy peace of mind and work with Aveco Pools for personalized Swimming Pool Services. We offer a range of maintenance options designed to make your pool easy and efficient to manage.

Contact us today to discuss any questions and concerns you may have regarding inground swimming pools. Our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced team will provide the right advice and recommend a suitable, cost-effective solution.

To Fill or To Renovate? Decidng What to Do with Your Inground Swimming Pool

Take the following questions into consideration before deciding whether it is time to part with your old pool or get vinyl replacement and other repairs completed.

Here are the Pros & Cons for Filling your Swimming Pool:

  • Swimming Pool ReplacementPros – Pool maintenance that has become expensive, time consuming, or troublesome in past years can be left behind, leaving you to focus on other areas of your home and family. The cost associated with ongoing maintenance and pool repairs, chemicals, energy bills, and other accessories can also be eliminated from your budget.
  • Filling Cons – The process of filling your pool is not cheap. Most homeowners can expect to spend $3,000 – $5,000 for fill materials, depending on the size and shape of your pool. That price does not include labour, which usually adds additional thousands onto the price tag.

Here are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Swimming Pool Replacement:

  • Pros – Choosing to have vinyl pools replaced and renovated to the latest fiberglass pool options offers a much better upkeep routine for homeowners. Fewer chemicals, easier maintenance, functional and fun design features, and durability are all worthwhile advantages of fiberglass pools. Systems for pool leak detection and other preventative technology can be put in place for quick recognition and easier fixes for any problem.
  • Cons – Replacement costs can vary and add up quickly. $45,000 to $65,000 should be budgeted for a full pool renovation.

Enjoy Your Inground Swimming Pool with Aveco Pools

Aveco Pools offers reliable and tailored services to pool owners across the GTA. We believe your pool should be a place to rest, relax, and bring you and your family joy. If your pool has become a source of stress, disagreement, or financial burden for your family, speak to our team today. Our wide range of pool services, experience with Pool Upgrades, and New Pool Build portfolio make us the ideal partner to help you get the most out of your existing pool. From seasonal maintenance to installations and filling, we can get the job done with precision and a personal touch.

Contact Aveco Pools today for assistance with your old pool replacement or filling. Check out our Pool Services or speak with our team to learn more about Vinyl Replacement, fiberglass pools, and leak detection options. You can also Contact us online.

Things You Should Know About Swimming Pool Construction

Common Types of Swimming Pools and Their Methods of Construction

Modern Swimming PoolWhen it comes to the construction of any backyard swimming pool, the most important decision for any homeowner may actually be whether or not to proceed with the project. The ultimate course of action will likely be influenced by budget considerations, including short-term installation costs and long-term maintenance costs, as well as the projected amount of pool usage, anticipated time of residency in that location, and the pressures exhibited by other members of the family.

If they elect to move ahead with their investment in a new swimming pool, homeowners will need to consider such matters as:

  • Pool size, shape, and depth
  • Decking, fences, and landscaping
  • Required equipment and accessories

However, while it may actually be exciting to contemplate the various options available for all of the above, there are Two more rather significant decisions that can have serious repercussions if they are made in haste and/or without extensive deliberation; these are:

  • Type of construction – vinyl, concrete, or fiberglass
  • The selection of a qualified swimming pool contractor

Looking first at types of swimming pool construction, there are some need-to-know facts that homeowners may want to compare/contrast as part of the decision-making process:

  • Vinyl Pools
    • Installation is less-labour intensive, hence the least expensive option
    • Liner is a single, pre-cut piece – customized to almost any shape/depth
    • Will need solid panels on the sides – often padded before liner is installed
    • Bottom of the pool is usually a base of compacted sand or poured concrete
  • Fiberglass Pools
    • Have the fastest installation time of all swimming pool construction
    • Also have a higher initial cost than the vinyl types of swimming pools
    • Are pre-formed, pre-finished, single shells inserted into an excavated area
    • Pool shell rests on a firm base material on the bottom of the excavated area
    • Can be more restrictive in relation to the shape, depth, and width of the pool
  • Concrete Pools
    • Offer the widest range of options in terms of pool size, shape, and depth
    • Fully constructed on-site using a combination of concrete, steel, and plaster
    • Have longest installation times of all swimming pool construction (>2 months)
    • Solid panels are fabricated along the sides of the excavation site, a steel rebar frame is installed into the outline of the pool, then the pool interior is formed via poured or sprayed concrete

While the choice of swimming pool construction will ultimately rest with the homeowner, it will be important to understand that ‘turning back’ is basically not an option.  Once the decision is made on the type of pool construction and the project has begun, it would be relatively burdensome, not to mention tremendously expensive, to change one’s mind; therefore, homeowners should invest a significant amount of time and effort on research and planning before they invest any money in such a venture.

Expert Pool Contractors Offer a Full Range of Construction Options and Services

New Pool ConstructionAs noted above, one of the most important decisions before installing a swimming pool is the choice of contractor for the project.  Swimming pools represent a significant financial investment in any property, thus the installation needs to be completed in a professional and expert manner.  If not, the consequences of choosing unqualified, inexperienced, or cut-rate service providers can be enormous and long-lasting.

A reliable swimming pool contractor needs to be knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of the construction process, including:

  • Property assessments
  • Pool design/orientation
  • Excavation and grading
  • Construction (all types)
  • Installation of all services
  • Permit needs and applications
  • Special features and accessories
  • Post-construction service/maintenance

Aveco Pools offers more than 35 years of experience in the swimming pool construction and services industry.  The trained professionals from Aveco Pools have the proficiencies and expertise that homeowners need and want to ensure that any new pool construction is satisfactorily completed to approved/agreed-upon specifications and timelines.

Please see our New Pool Construction and Swimming Pool Services page  for more information on the swimming pool construction and post-construction services provided by the crews from Aveco Pools.

Thinking about the construction of a new swimming pool in your backyard next summer? Now is the time to begin the design and planning processes so that your new pool will be ready for the next swimming season. Call the swimming pool construction professionals from Aveco Pools today at 647-560-1330 or contact us to get discussions underway.

Is Your Pool in Optimal Physical Condition to be Closed for the Winter?

Pool Maintenance before WinterIn Canada, the Labour Day weekend generally signals that summer is rapidly drawing to a close. With most summer activities now merely memories and schools back in session, turning the calendar page to September also turns the thoughts of many homeowners to preparing their properties for the cold that inevitably lies ahead; for some, this adds the task of closing their swimming pool to their many other chores and responsibilities.

Pool owners know all too well that proper closure of their pool is particularly important in protecting this asset over the winter as well as assuring that it can be re-opened without concerns the following spring; they are also aware that this process requires somewhat more time and effort than merely laying a tarp across the surface of the pool. And while many owners are indeed conscientious about closing their pool, it is incumbent on them to ensure that it is in optimal physical condition before shutting it down for the season.

One of the most important steps in the swimming pool closure process is leak detection; this is true for all pools but particularly those with vinyl liners; whether for above-ground or in-ground pools, vinyl liners typically have lifespans of 6 to 12 years, and even a small leak that escapes detection and repair can have catastrophic effects on the pool, and the owner’s pocketbook, over the winter and/or in the spring.

To learn more about the various reasons why vinyl liners might need replacement, go to our Vinyl Liner Replacement Information page.

The same philosophy applies to other structural aspects of the pool, including the coping, the deck/patio, and the walls/bottom (in concrete or fiberglass pools). All of these areas should be thoroughly inspected before the annual pool closure to make certain that there are no cracks/leaks in need of repair; otherwise, the consequences could be dire indeed.

Additional information on the importance of attending to pool leaks or other types of pool repair before the winter can be obtained by visiting our Fall Pool Repair Page.

In the vast majority of cases, actions such as pool leak detection, vinyl liner repairs, pool coping replacement, and winter closings should be contracted to professional swimming pool service providers, such as the team at Aveco Pools. Trained technicians from Aveco Pools perform over 600 pool closings per year; as a result, their knowledge and skills can assure pool owners of the following benefits from this service:

  • Extending the life of the liner and/or pool
  • Preparing the pool for the return of spring
  • Safeguarding the pool from winter damage

Comprehensive Pool Closing and Repair Services by Experienced Professionals

Fall Pool ServiceEnsuring that a backyard swimming pool is shutdown in optimal condition in the fall can help avert any re-opening delays, and costs, in the spring due to such circumstances as:

  • Leaks/liner tears
  • Stains/algae growth
  • Equipment breakdowns
  • Inadequate water chemistry
  • Deck or patio cracks or heaving

In addition to their leak detection, pool/vinyl liner inspections, and pool repair services, Aveco Pools provides comprehensive pool closing and winterizing services consisting of several fundamental yet equally important steps; this process includes:

  • A complete pool cleaning
  • Decreasing the water level
  • Balancing the water chemistry
  • Draining pump, filter, and heater
  • Clearing, drying, and sealing all lines
  • Adding all appropriate winter chemicals
  • Removal and storage of pool accessories
  • Secure installation of the winter pool cover

To close the swimming season in the most efficient manner and have peace of mind that their pool is in optimal physical condition for the winter season, pool owners can rely on the specialists from Aveco Pools. For additional information on the swimming pool repair and maintenance services provided by Aveco Pools, visit our Swimming Pool Services page.

Protect your swimming pool this winter and ensure that it is in prime shape to re-open in the spring. Call the pool maintenance experts at Aveco Pools today at 905-640-2666 or contact us to arrange for the closing of your pool at your earliest convenience.

Building Confidence and Respect for the Water Key Facets for Young Swimmers

Father Teaching Son to Swim in PoolThere is little doubt that bodies of water from backyard pools to cottage-country lakes to the beaches of the Florida coastline can provide numerous opportunities for enjoyment and entertainment.  Full-out swimming, merely floating on the surface, or simply cooling off on a hot afternoon are just some of the options available to those who like spending time in/on the water.

In a majority of cases, these swimmers/bathers were most likely exposed to the water at a rather young age.  These introductions may have been in the form of formal swimming lessons and classes on appropriate water safety; in other instances, the good fortune of having a backyard pool may have been the stimulus for such an education, so to speak.

Regardless of the direction taken, there will have been an underlying theme throughout the learning process – to appreciate the water in a positive and respectful light instead of an apprehensive or even terrified manner; and the sooner (i.e.: younger) the better too, before any preconceived fears or negative external influences have the chance to take root permanently.

Although parents or guardians with backyard pools will want to familiarize their children with the positive sides of the water and with water safety from a young age, they must exercise a degree of patience with the learning process; despite old-school mentalities, the convention of sink-or-swim the first time a child enters the water is not an advisable or even mildly acceptable approach as it will in all likelihood yield the undesired effect.

Here then are some suggested swim aids, by age group, to assist and support children in building their confidence in the water and with water safety; these options are proposed by the professional pool builders from Aveco Pools, a leading swimming pool company in Toronto and the GTA.

Note that these are merely offered as suggestions; the actual approach and choices of swimming pool aids will depend on the parents/guardians and the physical development of their children.

  • Infants – birth to 18 months
    • Parents/guardians are the best floating ‘devices’ for infants
    • This intimacy helps infants to trust versus mistrust the water
  • Toddlers – 9 months to 24 months
    • A good swim aid would be a ring of ample width and buoyancy
    • Allows for autonomy/exploration while remaining in arm’s length
  • Young Children – 3 years to 9 years
    • Consider a super-soft life jacket – perhaps in a bright colour too
    • Helps keep children afloat when not in reach of parent or guardian
  • Pre-Teens and Teens
    • Utilize a life vest that has been approved for swimming pool use
    • Encourages learning of the skills used to define a strong swimmer

In some instances, homeowners might hesitate to invest in swimming pool construction for their backyard due to an overriding concern with the personal safety of their children.  While vigilance is a must whenever child safety is a factor, the proper learning/teaching approach to the joys of swimming and respect for the water can play a significant role in providing many years of enjoyment and entertainment for the entire family.

Expert Pool Builders Provide a Full Range of Construction Options and Services

Young Girl Learning to SwimWhen homeowners decide to proceed with the installation of a backyard pool, they will want to rely on an experienced swimming pool company to handle the project.  With 35 years of experience in the swimming pool construction, renovation, and service industry, the crews from Aveco Pools would be the ideal choice of contractors.

Whether the project entails the construction of a new in-ground pool or the renovation of an existing pool, homeowners can count on the crews from Aveco Pools to provide their skills and expertise for any of the following pool services:

  • Pool design
  • Pool construction
    • Vinyl, concrete, vanishing edge, wave pools
  • Conversion to saltwater chlorination
  • Installation of spas, hot tubs, and whirlpools
  • Equipment repairs, replacements, or upgrades
  • Construction of water features (waterfalls, fountains)
  • Annual pool openings and closings; weekly maintenance

For supplementary information on the swimming pool construction and related services offered by the skilled pool builders at Aveco Pools, see Our Services page.

Considering the construction of a backyard swimming pool for your family’s enjoyment?  Call the professional pool builders from Aveco Pools today at 905-640-2666 today to discuss the design and construction possibilities that will best suit your lifestyle needs.

Guide for the Construction of Small In-Ground Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Construction Should Not Be Excluded Based on Size of Backyard

Swimming pool accented with a waterfallWhen a family moves into a new home that has a spacious backyard, their relatives and friends might often be heard to comment that the property has sufficient room to install an in-ground swimming pool.  For some reason, people seem to think that a prerequisite for any type of swimming pool construction is a large or larger-sized property.

Accepting this as fact would then suggest that pool builders will be restricted or inhibited from working in a smaller or more confined space or backyard; in essence, this would be an example of the principal of mutual exclusion.  However, homeowners with smaller properties can dispel this pool-not-possible assumption/myth through some systematic thought and detailed planning; in reality, installing an in-ground pool is quite possible in backyards that have less square footage than convention might otherwise dictate.

As with all swimming pool construction projects, homeowners intent on installing a small in-ground pool will need to take several factors into consideration.  These would include:

  • Dimensions
  • Type of construction
  • Decking and landscaping
  • Equipment and accessories
  • Budget – initial and long-term
  • Principal purpose/use of the pool

Fortunately, many of these decisions do not need to be made in a vacuum; homeowners can take advantage of the experience and insight of the professional pool builders from Aveco Pools to obtain the information that will help them make informed choices on the pool construction that best fits their needs and available space.

Some of these discussions may encompass the following, based on property size as well as its contours, degree of incline, orientation relative to the sun, and existing tree cover:

  • Construction material – vinyl liner, fiberglass, or concrete
  • Pool size (dimensions, volume) and depth (uniform; sloped)
  • Pool shape e.g.: linear, oval, round, kidney-shaped, free-form
  • Surrounding property – deck/patio, seating/entertainment area
  • Equipment – heater, saltwater chlorinator, housing/storage shed
  • Accessories – sufficient space (safety) for a slide or a diving board?
  • Landscaping – wood/stone construction, pool lighting, water features

Fundamentally, the size of a backyard should not prohibit the consideration of installing an in-ground swimming pool.  While it might be exaggerating to say that truly anything is possible, there are likely a significant number of viable options or alternatives for pool construction in small backyards; consulting with expert pool builders such as Aveco Pools can certainly shed light on the best possible course of action for properties of any size or configuration.

Seasoned Swimming Pool Builders Offer a Wide Range of Construction Options

Lush backyard swimming pool and patio spaceWith 35 years of experience in swimming pool construction, renovation, and service, the team from Aveco Pools would be an optimal choice for homeowners who need/want the services of a pool contractor.  Whether the project is an installation of a new in-ground pool or the renovation/upgrading of an existing pool, homeowners can count on the skills and abilities of Aveco Pools to capably design/build the following types of pools, features, and amenities:

  • Vinyl Pools – lowest install costs; wide range of designs
  • Vanishing Edge Pools – to provide a unique optical illusion
  • Exercise  or Wave Pools – built to fit any modern backyard
  • In-Ground Concrete Pools – designed to yard size and shape
  • Saltwater Chlorination – new pool builds; existing conversions
  • Water Features – waterfalls, fountains, deck jets, mist sprayers
  • Spas, Hot Tubs, Whirlpools – added to any new or existing pools
  • Other Services – cabanas, wood construction, barbecues/fire pits

For more information on the swimming pool construction and upgrade services provided by the expert pool builders at Aveco Pools, visit our New Pool Builds page.

The size of your backyard should not be a deterrent to the construction of an in-ground swimming pool.  Call the seasoned pool builders at Aveco Pools today at 905-640-2666 today to discuss the design options and construction methods that best fit your property size and your lifestyle needs.

Custom Pool Lighting Can Add Elegance and Distinction

Enrich the Ambience of Your Backyard with Custom Swimming Pool Lighting

LED Swimming Pool and Backyard LightingAlthough it may seem endless during the heat of summer, the outdoor swimming season for pool owners is in reality restricted to just a few short months of a calendar year.  And although it is likely that each use of their pool during that time provides much enjoyment and amusement, these owners will often wish that they had more time to appreciate the ambience of their pool and backyard before the time comes to close it for the season.

While researchers have not yet found a way to stretch or suspend time, a discovery that likely may appeal to many people in general, there is at least one way for swimming pool owners to create such an effect in their own backyard; by installing custom pool lighting.  In addition to extending their swimming and/or entertainment by a few hours every day, the installation of pool lights in essence allows these owners to realize a better return on their rather substantial investment.

Swimming pool lighting has evolved considerably throughout the last several years; from its earliest iteration as large, high-wattage, incandescent bulbs, pool lighting today offers a wider range of design and function.  Driven by a heightened emphasis on technological improvements, architectural interests, eco-friendliness, and energy conservation, custom pool lighting now offers homeowners the opportunity to enrich their backyard ambience in one or more of the following ways:

  • More pleasing aesthetics
  • Better illumination/visibility
  • Emphasized water features
  • Accented landscape designs
  • Improvements in pool safety
  • Added or enhanced pool colour
  • Ornamental lighting alternatives

Custom swimming pool lights can enhance the overall backyard experience well into the evening hours, whether it is being enjoyed by a party of people or by a lone member of the family who wishes to relax and unwind in solitude after a day of hectic activity.  The Aveco Pools team has the experience and capability to create and install a pool lighting design that complements any backyard pool/landscaping and meets the explicit needs and desires of the homeowner and their family.

LED Light Has Highly Influenced the Scope of Pool Lighting Design and Function

Swimming pool LED LightingAs mentioned above, early pool lights were the incandescent variety; more recently, LED lighting has gained in popularity, both in general and with respect to illuminating pools and their surroundings. The introduction of LED lighting has significantly influenced the expanded scope of pool lighting designs and functionality, also underscored previously in this discussion.

When homeowners have custom LED lighting installed in their backyard by experienced swimming pool contractors such as the Aveco Pools team, they will appreciate numerous benefits compared to the limitations or inefficiencies of incandescent lighting.

The spectrum of benefits from LED pool lighting would include:

  • A wide choice of colour options
  • Cooler radiated light; cooler bulbs
  • Smaller, less obtrusive lights and bulbs
  • Improved energy efficiency (up to 85%)
  • Longer-lasting light (up to 30,000 hours)
  • Brighter and more aesthetically-pleasing light
  • Noticeably brighter and cleaner-looking pool water
  • Illumination of pool edges, perimeter areas, and underwater

For further information on the design and installation of LED pool lighting and other pool features by the specialists from Aveco Pools, visit our Pool Upgrades page.

Extend the enjoyment of your backyard pool well into the evening with the installation of custom LED pool lighting by the experts from Aveco Pools.  Call Aveco Pools today at 905-640-2666 or contact us to request a free consultation on how we can help you achieve the effect you want to enrich the overall ambience of your backyard.