How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

By learning how to build a raised garden bed, you can actually create your very own DIY swimming pool upgrade. The landscape around your pool is almost as important as the pool itself in the overall landscaping of your yard.

Fortunately, an attractive elevated garden bed is relatively easy to build.

12 Steps to Build a Raised Garden Bed

Like any other landscaping project, building raised beds starts with a good plan. Here are the basic steps to constructing a square or rectangular garden bed with standard dry-stacked landscaping stones that are approximately 4” wide, 4” wide and 12” long.

Here’s how to build a raised garden bed | Aveco Pools
  1. Choose a Location - This might be the easiest, but the most important part of the project. You need a location with enough sunlight during the plant growing season for your planned flowers, shrubs, herb garden or vegetable garden. But you also have to consider its proximity to your swimming pool for aesthetics and to avoid any additional pool maintenance.

  2. Lay Out the Basic Shape - Using some of your stones, place them in your location in the basic layout you want for your bed. Mark the perimeter with a spade.

  3. Excavate the Bed - Dig out the space of your garden to a depth of about six inches. Use level lines to keep the excavation flat.

  4. Fill the Bed - Add at least three inches of paver base across the entire excavated area.

  5. Level the Base - Use a tamper to patdown and level the base.

  6. Add Leveling Sand - Lay down about one inch of leveling sand and even it out with a rake.

  7. Place the First Layer of Stone - Pace your first stone so that its bottom face is in full contact with the base. Make sure it is level side to side and front to back. Set the second stone and make sure it is level to the first. Continue adding and leveling stones around the entire perimeter of the bed.

  8. Stagger the Second Layer of Stone - Lay the second layer of stones so that each one overlaps the joints in the first layer. Corners should be staggered ‘log cabin’ style. Recess each layer of stones slightly inwards toward the centre of the bed.

  9. Fill With Drainage Stone - After the first two layers of stone, fill the bed to the top of the wall with drainage stone.

  10. Cover the Drainage Stone - Add landscape fabric across the top of the drainage stone. This will keep your garden soil from falling into the drainage stone and prevent weeds from growing up through your garden bed. Overlap the fabric onto the top of the landscaping stones.

  11. Lay the Final Layers of Stone - Place the final layers of stone so that they cover the overlap of the landscape fabric.

  12. Add Garden Soil - Fill the bed with garden soil to the top of the top layer of stone. The soil will settle below the top of the stone over time. When it does, start planting!

That’s it. Your raised garden bed project is done!

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Chad Geense