Fall is Here - Time to Start Thinking About Swimming Pool Upgrades!

What a great summer it was here in the GTA. Like one long heat wave. But you have a swimming pool, so you loved every minute of it. You wanted it to last forever. But, all good things must pass.

As we say good-bye to the summer of 2018, you might only be thinking about how long you can keep the pool open before scheduling a pool closing, or closing it yourself.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, fall is about the best time to actually start thinking about your pool. Or at least any of the swimming pool upgrades you’ve been thinking about.

Why Now’s the Time To Think About Pool Upgrades

It might not seem natural to start thinking about adding a hot tub to your pool just as the leaves are starting to change colour. But the Fall is probably the best time to do just that and here’s why:

Fall swimming pool upgrades | Aveco Pools

1. You Can Save Money

Whether you want to replace a deck, or add a cabana, there are two reasons why it might be less costly to do so in the Fall. First, it’s a traditionally slow time of year in the pool accessory business, so your installer might be more willing to offer a discount. Second, with things like hot tubs, prices usually go up in the spring. So it’ll likely be less expensive to buy and install one now.

2. You Won’t Have to Wait

In the spring or summer, you might wait weeks or months to get your pool upgrade installed. But there’s a lot better chance of getting the work done right away in the fall.

3. It’s a Better Time to Get Other Work Done

Very often, the pool accessory itself, like a cooking area or spa, isn’t the only work you’ll get done. Landscaping creates the perfect setting for the upgrade, and lighting illuminates it at night. They can all be faster and less costly to install in the fall.

To find out more about all the great upgrades you can make to your pool and surrounding area this Fall, contact us here at Aveco Pools.

Chad Geense