Your Guide to Choosing Landscaping Plants

It doesn’t take long after you install your first in-ground pool to discover the importance of the landscape around it. By itself, the pool is great, but setting it in a beautiful landscape and landscaping plants completes the picture.

How to Choose Landscape Plants

Whether your thumb is green or decidedly not so, having even a basic knowledge of the right plants for your landscape will not only help you create a more beautiful looking pool area but help you keep it that way for a long time.

1. Trees - This might be a more important decision than most pool owners imagine. You can’t just choose trees for their look or the role they play in the overall appearance of the yard. Placement of the tree is crucial to avoid excess debris in the pool or shade where you least want it. Also, you need to plan for what the tree will look like and its size when fully grown. That said consider making one or more of the following types of trees part of your landscape
- Evergreens
- Flowering Trees
- Shade trees if you have space for them

A guide by Aveco Pools on how to choose landscaping plants

2. Shrubbery - Shrubs can be the foundation plants of your garden bed or around structures like your home and pool house as they help give a visual transition from the horizontal yard and pool to vertical trees and walls.

3. Ground Cover Plants - Ground covers can play many roles in your garden. Flowering ground cover can make a colourful frame for a garden bed. Ground cover also helps fight weeds in the garden and stops erosion too.

4. Perrenials - If you like the sound of “low-maintenance”, perennials are the ticket. That’s not to say they don’t need care, but they don’t need to be replanted every year either. Choose your perennials based on the size, shape, colour and timing of the blooms, and the grown plant’s height.

5. Annuals - Here’s where you can get the most creative and dynamic with your landscaping plants because things can change every year. You can plant annuals to your liking at different times of the season, mix ‘n’ match colours and use them to fill just about any open space in the garden with a blast of colour. More than most plants, you need to pay attention to whether the annuals you choose should be planted in full sun, sun/shade or just shade.

Just like you’ll get more from your landscaping by maintaining it, you’ll get more for your pool with regular pool maintenance.

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Chad Geense