A Swimming Pool Company Will Design the Pool Most Suited to Your Property

Adding Swimming Pool To Your Backyard

There is little doubt that a well-designed and well-constructed swimming pool can be the focal point of a backyard, regardless of size or shape.  In addition to its aesthetic appeal, a pool can also be the primary source of entertainment, exercise, and/or relaxation for a family during the swimming season. To attain this combination of visual charm, functionality, and personal lifestyle benefits, homeowners looking to install a new pool in their backyard will normally consult with an established swimming pool company such as Aveco Pools for construction ideas and suggestions on other amenities and/or landscaping.  But this does not have to be limited to new pool construction only; sometimes, an existing pool can begin to look tired, dated or in need of repair and the experts from Aveco Pools can recommend options for pool renovations that can rejuvenate the backyard and add the same degree of chic as the installation of a new pool.

For new pool installations, there are several elegant and stylish designs that may appeal to various homeowners.  In general, some of the more popular alternatives consist of:

  • Circular
  • Octagonal
  • Oval or Elongated
  • Free Form (asymmetrical)
  • Symmetrical (matching opposite sides)
  • Rectangular – more formal than symmetrical
  • Kidney-Shaped (or modified into a Figure-8 shape)
  • Right-angled (L-shaped) or Obtuse-angled (also known as a Lazy-L)
  • Roman – opposite ends of the pool are rounded and corners often stylized
  • Grecian – very similar to an octagon; often has more acute/sharply cut corners

Although there may be one design that stands out above all others, several factors must be considered to determine whether the construction/installation of this preferred pool shape is practical in reality.  Therefore, the future pool owner might want to consult with the experts from a swimming pool company like Aveco Pools to assess the feasibility of the desired design from each of the following perspectives:

  • Budget
  • Area/space available
  • Shape of the property
  • Type of pool (material)
  • Main purpose(s) of pool
  • Pool orientation (sun/shade)
  • Construction access to pool area
  • Landscaping preferences/possibilities
  • Amenities (immediate and future plans)

There are indeed many factors that need to be explored or investigated before moving ahead with the actual design and construction of a new swimming pool.  The findings from such assessments/consultations, especially any opportunities or limitations relative to the physical dimensions of a property, will help homeowners decide on the pool that is best suited to their needs while adding chic to their backyard as well.

Landscaping and Pool Renovations Can Revitalize the Appeal of Your Backyard

Sometimes, a pool and its surrounding can begin to lose their physical appeal, either due to age and/or style or simply because the tastes of the homeowner have changed since the pool was first installed.  In other instances, it is the actual owner of the home who has changed, and they have inherited a pool and backyard design that simply does not appeal to their personal tastes.

In such scenarios, landscape remodelling/upgrades and pool renovations could be the answer to help revitalize the look and appeal of the backyard.  Working in collaboration with a professional swimming pool company like Aveco Pools, homeowners can look at several different options to help achieve this goal.  These may include the construction or installation of:

  • Waterfalls, fountains, water slides
  • Spas/hot tubs adjacent to the pool
  • New decking, coping, pool tiles or liners
  • Re-contoured garden designs/landscaping
  • Areas for entertaining – fire pits or hearths

If you are considering the installation of a new swimming pool or your current pool is in need of renovations, call the professionals from Aveco Pools at 905-640-2666 to schedule your no-obligation consultation today!