5 Steps to Building a Backyard Garden Pond

With traffic making the cottage trek longer each year, many people are choosing to bring a bit more of the cottage home in the form of a backyard garden pond. While it isn’t exactly a swimming pool upgrade, it certainly compliments the pool in making the backyard that much more cottage-like.

Follow These Steps to Build a Pond in Your Backyard

The three basic steps are to design, install and accessorize your pond.

  1. Pick the Size and Type of Pond. Size-wise, the only limitation to a small pond is that water gardens should be at least 18 inches deep and Koi pons should be at least three feet deep. The type of pond you choose depends on what you find most enjoyable about a pond.

    1. Water lily pond

    2. Fish pond

    3. Pond with waterfalls and other water features

  2. Choose Where to Install It - This is probably more difficult than you might first imagine. Maybe the first thought is in a place that offers the most visual appeal. But too much sun can affect the plant and fish life in the pond. Too many leaves can clog your water pump. And if it isn’t in a convenient place in your yard, you may not get to enjoy it as often as you like.

  3. Get the Right Size of Pond Liner - You’ll need a pond liner that not only fits your pond, but that extends around the edges of the pond where you can use decorative flat stone to conceal it. A pond supply store should have a variety of flexible liners made of PVC to suit your needs. Alternatively, you could choose a ready-made pond form.

  4. Find a Suitable Water Pump and Filtration System - in addition to the size of the pond in gallons of water, the number of water features, including falls and fountains, and the distance that the water must be pumped will determine the size of pump and water filter.

  5. Choose Your Water Features - Not only do waterfalls, fountains and sprays they add a beautiful visual appeal and soothing tone to your pond, they help make the water in the pond healthier for the flora and fauna in it.

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Chad Geense