Can I Build a Pool in My Sloping Backyard

A Sloping Backyard Can Be the Ideal Setting for an In-Ground Swimming Pool

Leveling a Swimming Pool

For many homeowners, having an in-ground swimming pool in their backyard would be the ideal setting for peaceful relaxation, to entertain family/friends, and/or getting some physical exercise, all without ever needing to actually leave the property.  Undoubtedly, these individuals can stand at a window or in the middle of their yard and visualize the pool that they want installed and how much pleasure it would provide.

Unfortunately for some, they may feel their dream/vision slipping away if their backyard is sloped, either toward or away from the home.  This may give an impression, based on a limited amount of flat ground, that there simply is not sufficient space to install a pool of any appreciable size or depth; as a result, these homeowners might become resigned to the fact that the only options are tiered flower beds or smaller, terraced sitting areas.

In actuality, the opposite might be true; a sloped property can provide the idyllic setting for a swimming pool, with the help of some imaginative plans/designs and the skills of a custom pool builder such as Aveco Pools.

The first and most important step would be to evaluate these aspects of the property:

  • Degree of incline
  • Water table depth
  • Soil condition/stability

Based on the assessment outcomes, it might be concluded that minor excavation with a bobcat/grader would be sufficient to prepare an adequately sturdy and level base for the pool; should the slope prove to be more severe, a grading/engineering plan may need to be submitted to the municipality, with specific attention paid to retaining an appropriate water flow/drainage for the property after the pool has been installed.

With this critical step/process completed, the homeowner and their custom pool builder can set to work on expanding/maximizing all of the usable space, including the design of the pool itself as well as the preferred amenities and the surrounding landscaping.  Some of the many alternatives that may be viable when installing an in-ground swimming pool in a sloped property could include:

Swimming Pool in a Sloped Backyard
  • Vanishing edge or infinity pool, ideal when a property slopes away from the home
  • An elevated spa or hot tub, with a hidden staircase connecting it to the pool level
  • Sculpted or shaped retaining walls of natural stone, poured concrete, or masonry
  • Extended-height walls that incorporate waterfalls (yards sloping toward the home)
  • Sunken patio, barbecue/entertainment area, or outdoor living space e.g. a kitchen
  • Raised tanning area – perhaps with a built-in waterslide for cooling dips in the pool
  • Tiered flower beds and shrubbery remain an option, assimilated into retaining walls
  • Multiple decks, strategically placed in sunny and shaded areas to offer both options

A sloped backyard should not be a hindrance to installing an in-ground swimming pool.  On the contrary, working with a professional pool builder like Aveco Pools can actually convert an apparently restrictive backyard property into a remarkably beautiful retreat for a homeowner and their family and friends.

Custom Swimming Pool Construction to Suit All Owner Needs and Preferences

Whether a backyard is sloped or essentially flat, Aveco Pools can design and construct a custom in-ground swimming pool and accompanying amenities and landscaping to suit virtually any and all homeowner needsand preferences.  These soon-to-be pool owners can capitalize on the skills and experience of the Aveco Pools team for the installation of such features as:

  • Exercise lap pools
  • Vanishing edge pools
  • Custom or pre-formed pools
  • Water features – fountains, cascades
  • Pool and adjoining hot tub combinations
  • Wood construction – decks, fencing, sheds
  • Landscaping – retaining walls, stone walkways
  • And much more …

For more information on the scope of custom in-ground swimming pool construction by the professionals from Aveco Pools, please visit our New Pool Builds page.

If you have a sloped backyard but would like to install an in-ground swimming pool in that space, call the expert pool builders from Aveco Pools at 905-640-2666 to request your no-obligation consultation today!