Common Mistakes to Avoid with Pool Installations or Renovations

Attention to Detail Will Avert Mistakes with Pool Installations or Renovations

Now that the latest swimming season has essentially come to a close, homeowners who do not have an in-ground pool might be reflecting on what-could-have-been throughout the heat of the summer. Similarly, those who do have an in-ground pool may be turning their thoughts to pool renovations that could enhance their leisure time in the backyard next year.

A backyard pool surrounded by beautiful landscapes

For pool owners and future pool owners alike, this can be a time to let their creative instincts, imaginations run without restriction. Sometimes, they may get a little carried away with their dreaming of pool designs and amenities that are over-the-top, but once reality returns to the forefront, they might truly have a plan that is both viable and affordable.

Amid all the exhilaration of planning and implementing a new pool installation or a pool renovation, it is possible that vital aspects of these projects can be omitted, ignored, or short-changed. Naturally, this lack of attention to detail can lead to delays, unnecessary additional costs, sub-standard workmanship, or the outright failure of the endeavour.

In an effort to establish the best prospects for success, here are some of the common mistakes that homeowners can make when planning the installation or renovation of an in-ground swimming pool, in no particular order:

  • Neglecting to obtain a building permit – can cause extensive delays and frustrations
  • Neglecting to consider all related costs – labour, taxes, fence and deck construction
  • Purchasing bargain-basement materials – might save money at first but not for long
  • Purchasing materials based on estimated quantities (unnecessary expense/wastage)
  • Hiring an unqualified contractor – may save money; affects warranties/future service
  • Unusual or trendy designs – could affect potential long-term resale value of the home
  • Inconsistent designs – pools that clash with a home’s design can also harm its resale
  • Over-extending – going over/mismanaging budgets can lead to non-completed work
  • Sacrificing energy-efficiency for extravagance equals higher initial and ongoing costs
  • Overall short-term thinking – can limit options as lifestyle needs/preferences change

Within the list of potential errors or shortcomings noted above, attention to one of them in particular can help alleviate most, if not all, of the others. That item, of course, is the choice of swimming pool contractor; researching the reputations and workmanship of a few contractors will allow homeowners to make an informed decision on the company that will ultimately complete the pool installation or renovation. And a key responsibility of capable and qualified professional contractor, such as Aveco Pools, will be to ensure that any possible oversights/omissions are addressed and eliminated before they occur.

Considerations before Committing to an In-Ground Swimming Pool Installation

There are several important aspects that need to be considered before committing to the initial investment and long-term maintenance costs associated with the installation of an in-ground swimming pool. Despite the yearnings and preferences of the soon-to-be pool owner, there is often a difference between what is envisioned and what can be done.

Contractors like Aveco Pools can help separate fiction from reality, so to speak, and allow future pool owners to develop a plan/pool design that best suits their physical property as well as their current and future needs.

The Aveco Pools team will consult with homeowners on a number of different aspects as part of the overall pool planningdesigning, and installation processes. Such factors will include:

A luxurious house with an outdoor pool facing the lake
  • Budgetary considerations/limitations
  • Property – available area/shape/contour
  • Pool material – vinyl, fiberglass, concrete
  • Primary purpose/use of the pool and yard
  • Additional construction – deck, fence, shed
  • Landscape design – preferences/possibilities
  • Other amenities – water features, hot tub, etc.

Once all of the above factors have been considered and established, in conjunction with the attention paid to avoiding the list of common mistakes identified above, Aveco Pools can move forward with the construction of the new in-ground swimming pool.

If you are considering the installation of an in-ground swimming pool next year, this is the time to begin the planning and design processes. Call the professionals from Aveco Pools at 905-640-2666 to book a no-obligation consultation today!