Guide for the Construction of Small In-Ground Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Construction Should Not Be Excluded Based on Size of Backyard

Swimming pool accented with a waterfall

When a family moves into a new home that has a spacious backyard, their relatives and friends might often be heard to comment that the property has sufficient room to install an in-ground swimming pool.  For some reason, people seem to think that a prerequisite for any type of swimming pool construction is a large or larger-sized property.

Accepting this as fact would then suggest that pool builders will be restricted or inhibited from working in a smaller or more confined space or backyard; in essence, this would be an example of the principal of mutual exclusion.  However, homeowners with smaller properties can dispel this pool-not-possible assumption/myth through some systematic thought and detailed planning; in reality, installing an in-ground pool is quite possible in backyards that have less square footage than convention might otherwise dictate.

As with all swimming pool construction projects, homeowners intent on installing a small in-ground pool will need to take several factors into consideration.  These would include:

  • Dimensions
  • Type of construction
  • Decking and landscaping
  • Equipment and accessories
  • Budget – initial and long-term
  • Principal purpose/use of the pool

Fortunately, many of these decisions do not need to be made in a vacuum; homeowners can take advantage of the experience and insight of the professional pool builders from Aveco Pools to obtain the information that will help them make informed choices on the pool construction that best fits their needs and available space.

Some of these discussions may encompass the following, based on property size as well as its contours, degree of incline, orientation relative to the sun, and existing tree cover:

  • Construction material – vinyl liner, fiberglass, or concrete
  • Pool size (dimensions, volume) and depth (uniform; sloped)
  • Pool shape e.g.: linear, oval, round, kidney-shaped, free-form
  • Surrounding property – deck/patio, seating/entertainment area
  • Equipment – heater, saltwater chlorinator, housing/storage shed
  • Accessories – sufficient space (safety) for a slide or a diving board?
  • Landscaping – wood/stone construction, pool lighting, water features

Fundamentally, the size of a backyard should not prohibit the consideration of installing an in-ground swimming pool.  While it might be exaggerating to say that trulyanything is possible, there are likely a significant number of viable options or alternatives for pool construction in small backyards; consulting with expert pool builders such as Aveco Pools can certainly shed light on the best possible course of action for properties of any size or configuration.

Seasoned Swimming Pool Builders Offer a Wide Range of Construction Options

With 35 years of experience in swimming pool construction, renovation, and service, the team from Aveco Pools would be an optimal choice for homeowners who need/want the services of a pool contractor.  Whether the project is an installation of a new in-ground pool or the renovation/upgrading of an existing pool, homeowners can count on the skills and abilities of Aveco Pools to capably design/build the following types of pools, features, and amenities:

Lush backyard swimming pool and patio space
  • Vinyl Pools – lowest install costs; wide range of designs
  • Vanishing Edge Pools – to provide a unique optical illusion
  • Exercise  or Wave Pools – built to fit any modern backyard
  • In-Ground Concrete Pools – designed to yard size and shape
  • Saltwater Chlorination – new pool builds; existing conversions
  • Water Features – waterfalls, fountains, deck jets, mist sprayers
  • Spas, Hot Tubs, Whirlpools – added to any new or existing pools
  • Other Services – cabanas, wood construction, barbecues/fire pits

For more information on the swimming pool construction and upgrade services provided by the expert pool builders at Aveco Pools, visit our New Pool Builds page.

The size of your backyard should not be a deterrent to the construction of an in-ground swimming pool.  Call the seasoned pool builders at Aveco Pools today at 905-640-2666 today to discuss the design options and construction methods that best fit your property size and your lifestyle needs.

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