Creative, Efficient Pool Designs for Small Backyards

Planning the Perfect Pool Landscaping for Your Property

Landscape Pool Design With Water Fountain in Small Backyard

You don’t need a sprawling or large backyard for it to be wonderful. A little planning and creativity can make even a small open space, the perfect place to relax with friends and family. While accomplishing your goals and making your dreams a reality may be a bit more difficult if space is a constraint, you can find ways to enjoy the challenge. Think creativity, efficiency and aesthetics when planning a pool design for your small backyard.

If you are considering fitting a pool into your small backyard, it can be hard to imagine how it will work. Collaborate with a team that has extensive experience with pool design and can take into account your needs for landscaping and functionality. Aveco Pools offers a range of pool services including consulting and installation to help maximize your limited space with a beautiful in-ground swimming pool.

4 Considerations for Fitting a Swimming Pool in Your Small Backyard

Find the best material, shape, and size to make your small swimming pool a big hit.

Follow these guidelines and ensure the best pool design:

Vinyl liner replacement
  • Explore the adaptability of concrete and vinyl: These pre-determined restrictions do not apply to concrete and vinyl pools, which can be customized from shape through to size. Few limitations exist, although pool experts will be able to ensure that the drainage system, length, and positioning on your property are suitable to get the most enjoyment and functionality possible from your in-ground swimming pool.
  • Shape: There is no universal answer to what shape is best for a smaller swimming pool. Curved pools, kidney-shaped options, and other oddly shaped pools will lose some water space when compared to more standard rectangular designs. However, they can provide much-needed decking options and area that is not only more aesthetic and practical, but also necessary from a legal perspective. Work with local pool experts to determine the best pool shape based on the size, orientation, slope, and depth of your backyard.
  • Maintenance: Smaller pools still require care and maintenance. Annual winterizing, draining, maintenance services, and repairs will need to be completed no matter what pool design you choose. Generally speaking, concrete pools are regarded as the most difficult material to maintain due to chemicals, cleaning processes, and wear and tear from seasonal fluctuations. Fiberglass is the least maintenance heavy option but, as noted above, may not be suitable for special cases that involve a smaller pool footprint.

Trust Aveco Pools for Optimal Pool Design

Work with us from design through to maintenance and seasonal openings for your in-ground swimming pool. We have years of experience offering dedicated pool services on properties of all sizes. Customize your pool or get recommendations for the best standard option that will suit your needs and budget.

Contact Aveco Pools today for assistance with landscaping pool designs. Check out our variety of pool services and contact us online.