Custom Pool Lighting Can Add Elegance and Distinction

Enrich the Ambience of Your Backyard with Custom Swimming Pool Lighting

LED Swimming Pool and Backyard Lighting

Although it may seem endless during the heat of summer, the outdoor swimming season for pool owners is in reality restricted to just a few short months of a calendar year.  And although it is likely that each use of their pool during that time provides much enjoyment and amusement, these owners will often wish that they had more time to appreciate the ambience of their pool and backyard before the time comes to close it for the season.

While researchers have not yet found a way to stretch or suspend time, a discovery that likely may appeal to many people in general, there is at least one way for swimming pool owners to create such an effect in their own backyard; by installing custom pool lighting.  In addition to extending their swimming and/or entertainment by a few hours every day, the installation of pool lights in essence allows these owners to realize a better return on their rather substantial investment.

Swimming pool lighting has evolved considerably throughout the last several years; from its earliest iteration as large, high-wattage, incandescent bulbs, pool lighting today offers a wider range of design and function.  Driven by a heightened emphasis on technological improvements, architectural interests, eco-friendliness, and energy conservation, custom pool lighting now offers homeowners the opportunity to enrich their backyard ambience in one or more of the following ways:

  • More pleasing aesthetics
  • Better illumination/visibility
  • Emphasized water features
  • Accented landscape designs
  • Improvements in pool safety
  • Added or enhanced pool colour
  • Ornamental lighting alternatives

Custom swimming pool lights can enhance the overall backyard experience well into the evening hours, whether it is being enjoyed by a party of people or by a lone member of the family who wishes to relax and unwind in solitude after a day of hectic activity.  The Aveco Pools team has the experience and capability to create and install a pool lighting design that complements any backyard pool/landscaping and meets the explicit needs and desires of the homeowner and their family.

LED Light Has Highly Influenced the Scope of Pool Lighting Design and Function

As mentioned above, early pool lights were the incandescent variety; more recently, LED lighting has gained in popularity, both in general and with respect to illuminating pools and their surroundings. The introduction of LED lighting has significantly influenced the expanded scope of pool lighting designs and functionality, also underscored previously in this discussion.

Swimming pool LED Lighting

When homeowners have custom LED lighting installed in their backyard by experienced swimming pool contractors such as the Aveco Pools team, they will appreciate numerous benefits compared to the limitations or inefficiencies of incandescent lighting.

The spectrum of benefits from LED pool lighting would include:

  • A wide choice of colour options
  • Cooler radiated light; cooler bulbs
  • Smaller, less obtrusive lights and bulbs
  • Improved energy efficiency (up to 85%)
  • Longer-lasting light (up to 30,000 hours)
  • Brighter and more aesthetically-pleasing light
  • Noticeably brighter and cleaner-looking pool water
  • Illumination of pool edges, perimeter areas, and underwater

For further information on the design and installation of LED pool lighting and other pool features by the specialists from Aveco Pools, visit our Pool Upgrades page.

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