How to Replace Pool Coping for Your Inground Pool

Follow These Steps When Swimming Pool Coping Needs Replacement

Swimming Pool Landscaping With Rocks And Stone

On any warm and sunny day during the swimming season, the shimmering surface of a pool can appear most inviting and attractive.  What better way to enjoy such a beautiful day than a dip in the backyard pool?

Unfortunately, if the coping around your inground pool has been chipped or damaged, it can quickly counteract some of the attractiveness of spending time in and around the pool, not to mention create a safety issue for anyone using the pool.  If left unchecked, it can also lead to more extensive structural problems and expensive repairs.  Therefore, while pool coping replacement may cause a degree of inconvenience while the work is being done, it is rather important to attend to such repairs as immediately as possible.

To clarify, pool coping is the term used to describe the concrete or stone material that is used to cap the walls of an inground pool shell.  Coping serves several functions such as:

  • Structural – safeguards the integrity and shape of the pool walls
  • Aesthetics – adds the finishing touch and texture to the pool edge
  • Prevention – inhibits spillage from seeping in behind the pool walls
  • Protection – provides a non-slip surface around the pool perimeter

The most common ways to identify that pool coping replacement is likely required are:

  • Stones become loose or wobble when touched or stood upon
  • Tiles or stones have obvious cracks, chips, or signs of flaking
  • Mortar in the joints/seams is loose, cracked, or dry/crumbling

When circumstances dictate that pool coping needs to be replaced, the work can be done as a do-it-yourself project or through the services of swimming pool contractors such as Aveco Pools.  There are several steps involved in completing this task and the actual amount of time and labour to be invested will depend on the extent of the damage, that is, whether all or just a few of the existing coping has to be removed and replaced.

  • Materials Required
    • Protective eyewear
    • Hammer and chisel
    • Pool coping stone repair mix
    • Mixing bucket
    • Trowel and sponge
    • Pool Coping Replacement Process
      • Remove the existing mortar using a hammer and a chisel
      • Lift out the damaged stones to expose the pool beam below
      • Clean any remaining mortar from the newly-created opening
      • Prepare coping repair mix in the bucket (per package directions)
        • Consistency should be somewhat thick (and not too wet)
        • Use trowel to make a mortar bed on the pool beam (do one stone at a time)
        • Add mortar to the sides and back of the stone and lay it on mortar bed
          • Ensure that new stone is level with the neighbouring existing stone(s)
          • Repeat the above for all damaged coping stones that need replacement
            • In addition to leveling, keep stones as evenly spaced apart as possible
            • Revisit the spaces between the stones and fill any gaps with further mortar
            • Gently wipe excess all mortar from the top of all stones using a clean sponge
            • When the mortar starts to set, make a groove or depression along each seam
              • Use the trowel handle, a piece of doweling, or just the tip of a finger

Swimming Pool Contractors Offer Expertise in Pool Coping Replacement

While pool coping replacement might be accomplished in a do-it-yourself and likely more cost-effective manner, there are several reasons why home owners may elect to utilize a professional swimming pool contractor like Aveco Pools to perform such repairs.

The Aveco Pools construction team has extensive experience with inground swimming pool installations and repairs, including working with various types and styles of coping.  This expertise can be particularly beneficial to pool owners in the following ways:

  • Applying proper techniques to cleanly remove damage stones
  • Using appropriate care to avoid damaging neighbouring stones
  • Ensuring that the integrity of the pool walls is not compromised
  • Properly sealing the work to prevent pool leaks or water seepage
  • Finishing the project with a satisfactory level of aesthetic appeal
  • Completing extensive coping replacement jobs in a timely manner

Aveco Pools has been providing pool installation, repair, and/or renovation services for more than 35 years, and has the expertise that pool owners want and expect for any/all of their pool-related needs.

For further information on the pool repair and renovation services available from Aveco Pools, including pool coping replacement, click here.

Is your swimming pool coping looking tired and/or in need of replacement?  Call the pool renovation professionals at Aveco Pools today at 905-640-2666 orcontact usto get the job done right and avoid any unwanted damage or unnecessary repair costs.

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