Pool Deck and Patio Designs to Suit Poolside Activities and Available Space

When a homeowner talks about using their pool, they are likely referring to the amount of time that people actually spend in the water. Some might even bemoan the fact that their pool usage levels might not justify the amount of time and money that they invest in maintaining it. What sometimes gets lost in these conversations is the total amount of time that people will spend on the deck or the patio when there is a swimming pool in their backyard.  In other words, while a pool is certainly a key attraction in terms of backyard living, it is the surrounding amenities that can give the property its welcoming and relaxing ambience.

There are several varieties of pool deck and patio designs that can be constructed to complement a backyard swimming pool. The choice of design is of course a matter of personal taste, but it can also be influenced by favoured poolside activities such as:

  • Entertainment
  • Dining outdoors
  • Social gatherings
  • Lounging/sunbathing
  • Reading or relaxation

Some of the common pool deck and patio designs preferred by pool owners include:

  • Sundeck
    • Primarily intended for poolside lounging and sunbathing
    • Generally located around the edges/perimeter of the pool
    • Nichepatio
      • An effective design for backyards with less area/available space
      • Can be adjacent to the pool or set back in a more secluded spot
      • Equipped with a bistro table and chairs, much like a sidewalk cafe
      • Natural oasis
        • For those who prefer an environmentally- or ecologically-based setting
        • Enriches the scenery around the pool (plants, planters/urns, natural stone)
        • Provides a more rustic ambience, similar to vacationing away from home
        • Covered/canopied patio
          • Offers the comfort of poolside lounging without direct exposure to the sun
          • Also gives sunbathers and pool party guests an option for evading the heat
          • May be equipped with vertical roller blinds/curtains to act as a change area
          • Outdoor room patio
            • In essence, the comfort and convenience of an indoor room is moved poolside
            • Can integrate furniture, a fireplace, and a bar – ideal for entertaining purposes
            • Can even accommodate a kitchenette plus tables and chairs for outdoor dining
            • Backyard sanctuary
              • Appeals to a variety of interests by incorporating many of the above designs
              • Has multiple and diverse seating/dining areas (for parties of various size/type)
              • Provides all these aspects and comforts for backyard living in an idyllic setting

While budget and personal preferences will certainly influence pool deck or pool patio designs, another important factor (or perhaps a limitation) will be the shape and size of the available space in the backyard.  Although all job sites will likely have their nuances, there are some general rules of thumb related to the area needed for various types of pool deck or patio construction, as well as the inclusion of certain accessories.

The following dimensions should be considered as approximations only and are offered merely as examples:

  • Sun deck – average size ranges from 600 to 900 square feet
  • Niche patio – a 6-foot square area for a table and two chairs
  • Dining areas – 10 to 12 feet square (for 4 to 8 people respectively)
  • Walkways – should be at least 3 feet wide in higher-traffic areas
    • Minimum 30-inch clearance from lounge chairs to pool edge
    • 6-Foot wide landing area between pool edge and deck steps
    • Accessories
      • Hot tubs (10 feet x 10 feet) and showers (5 feet x 5 feet)
      • Slides need ~100 square feet; diving boards need ~50 sq. ft.

Maximizing the use of any/all available space and/or planning for future construction (as needs/interests change or more funds become available) will pave the way for greater short-term and long-term enjoyment of the pool and the backyard.  The expertise of a full-service swimming pool contractor like Aveco Pools will ensure that the maximum effect is achieved, with any style of deck or patio design, based on homeowner needs, budgets, and poolside activity preferences.

Pool Deck and Patio Designs to Augment the Shape of Your Yard and Your Pool

For more than 35 years, Aveco Pools has been supporting pool owners with their deck and patio installations or upgrades.  The construction experts from Aveco Pools clearly understand the importance of maximizing available space in order to create a backyard retreat that provides countless hours of enjoyment and entertainment along with a high return on investment.

From sun decks to sanctuaries, the Aveco Pools team has the capability to suggest and effectively implement the pool deck or patio design that befits your property and your lifestyle.

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Looking to build an elegant pool deck or patio in your backyard this summer?  Call the pool construction specialists from Aveco Pools today at 905-640-2666 orcontact us to discuss the design best suited to the size of your property and the shape of your pool.

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