Reasons for Constructing a Vinyl Swimming Pool this Spring

Vinyl Pool Construction May Be the Best Option for Toronto and Area Residents

For the most part, a majority of residents in Toronto and the surrounding area will likely admit that the winter weather to date has been quite bearable, and indeed not the bitter cold and severe storms of recent years. And despite the prognostication of an additional six weeks of winter by a renowned Ontario groundhog, these same area residents would find it acceptable if the remainder of the winter was as moderate as it has been thus far.

Yet, with daylight hours steadily increasing and little if any snow accumulation on lawns or rooftops, homeowners cannot be faulted if they are caught trying to rush the arrival of spring; particularly if they are planning to install a new in-ground swimming pool in their backyard this year.

When planning the installation of an in-ground pool, homeowners can essentially choose from three types of construction, listed here in alphabetical order:

  • Concrete
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl-lined

While any of the three types will serve and satisfy the fundamental purposes of installing a backyard pool, soon-to-be pool ownersmay want to consider the benefits of vinyl pool construction over the other two materials. Some of the main advantages of a vinyl pool are seen in the following areas:

  • Construction – lowest start-up costs and fastest installation time
  • Customization – more flexibility in terms of size, shape, and design
  • Safety of Use – vinyl liner has a smoother and non-abrasive surface
  • Personalization – liners available in a variety of patterns and colours
  • Maintenance – requires less pool chemicals; is resistant to algae growth
  • Ease of Replacement – pool will be out-of-use ~1 day every 7-10 years

One additional factor favouring vinyl pool construction, perhaps specific to installations in four-seasonal climates like that of Toronto, is the fact that vinyl is generally accepted as a more resilient material in extreme winter temperatures and conditions.

Based on all of the above factors, not the least of which are the economic considerations both initially and long-term, Toronto area homeowners contemplating the installation of an in-ground swimming pool this spring might find vinyl construction to be their optimal choice. Similarly, the skills and experience of Aveco Pools in the design and construction of vinyl swimming pools might make them the optimal choice of pool contractor as well.

Vinyl Pool Construction Offers Homeowners Many Design and Colour Options

Aveco Pools has more than 35 years of experience in designing and installing in-ground swimming pools, including many shapes and sizes of vinyl pools; this includes the use of computer-aided design and leading-edge technology in the construction of vinyl liners.

Based on the preferences of the homeowner and the dimensions of the yard, Aveco Pools can create a vinyl swimming pool that will truly be the centerpiece of a private oasis in any modern backyard. Vinyl pool construction offers a variety of options with respect to:

Vinyl Swimming Pool in Backyard
  • Size
  • Depth
  • Shape
  • Liner Colour
  • Liner Pattern
  • Pool Accessories

Consultation with the designers from Aveco Pools will help homeowners in ensuring that their new pool is ideally suited to their needs and to their backyard space.

For additional information on the vinyl pool design and construction services provided by Aveco Pools, see our New Pool Builds Page.

Considering the installation of a vinyl pool in your backyard this spring? Call the vinyl pool construction experts from Aveco Pools today at 905-640-2666 orcontact us for a free estimate on the vinyl swimming pool design that fits best with your needs and the size/shape of your backyard.