Refreshing The Look Of A Pool Deck Yourself May Not Be The Best Route

As seen with most other home improvement or home renovation projects, a pool deck looks crisp, clean, and inviting when it is first installed. Many homeowners can hardly wait to start using their new pool deck or patio and/or to begin entertaining family and friends so that they too can appreciate and enjoy this striking upgrade to the backyard. Unfortunately, time and seasonal weather patterns have a way of diminishing the luster of a new pool deck or pool patio and, after a few years, what was once deemed very appealing is now in need of some maintenance and/or refreshing to restore that like-new appearance. Even if the existing deck or patio has retained most of its aesthetic appeal and remains quite functional, the pool owner may simply choose to make changes or pool upgrades in order to recapture that crisp, clean, and inviting look all over again.

A pool deck or pool patio may be composed of any number of materials, including:

  • Wood
  • Poured concrete
  • Unglazed tile
  • Stone
  • Pavers
  • Interlocking brick

and there are several different do-it-yourself options that a pool owner can pursue when revitalizing a deck or patio is required or desired, depending on its present composition.

Some of these revitalizing options may include:

  • Power-washing and/or scrubbing the pool deck or pool patio surface
  • Applying the correct paint/stain/waterproofing/sealer for the type of material
  • Repairing or resurfacing cracked or chipped concrete, stone, or tiles
  • Removing failed coatings and reapplying a new overlay coating
  • Refreshing existing colours or changing to new/different colours
  • Incorporating flagstone coping, interlocking brick, or pattern concrete
  • Adding a water feature – hot tub, fountain, waterfall
  • Enlarging the current deck or patio

Working with each material has inherent advantages and disadvantages, and although comparisons will not be presented within the context of this article, it is important to remember that any do-it-yourself pool deck upgrades, refreshing, or revitalizing actions will need to take these inherent characteristics into consideration to avoid additional and unwanted, albeit inadvertent, damage or repair costs.

Furthermore, the pool owner may or will need to invest in some or all of the following in order to complete the deck or patio upgrades or revitalization:

  • Time away from work or other leisure activities
  • Rental or purchase of specific tools or equipment
  • Purchase of all relevant or requisite materials

Although the do-it-yourself approach may be less expensive and, to some homeowners self-satisfying, revitalizing/refreshing a pool patio or pool deck may best be left to the experience/expertise of professional swimming pool contractors such as Aveco Pools.

Aveco Pools understands and appreciates the importance and the impact of refreshing the look of your pool deck or pool patio from a number of different perspectives:

  • You most likely spend more time on the deck or patio than in the pool
  • Creating an ambience/aesthetic appeal for relaxation or entertaining
  • Having the proper tools and equipment available to do the job right
  • Addressing potential safety issues due to failed or weathered materials
  • Rectifying small issues before they become larger, more expensive issues
  • Modernizing older styles and/or converting to lower-maintenance designs

To upgrade, refresh, and/or modernize the look of your pool deck or pool patio, call the swimming pool experts at Aveco Pools today at 905-640-2666 or contact us to arrange a free consultation on how we can restore the ambience and aesthetic appeal of your backyard to a standard that meets your expectations.

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