There Are Many Factors That Can Influence The Installation Of Inground Vinyl Pools

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The decision to install an inground swimming pool is often based on a combination of affordability, lifestyle preferences, and an expectation (or a visualization) of many years of enjoyment within the comfort of one’s own backyard. Many homeowners might also view inground pools as investments that will enhance the value of their homes should they decide/plan to sell at some point in the future. In many respects, choosing to install an inground pool may be the easiest step in the overall decision-making process. Matters become more complex when the homeowner must consider several additional factors that will influence the specific type of pool to be installed. Some of the more critical aspects that may sway a pool owner’s thoughts are:

  • Installation cost
  • Installation time
  • Pool size, shape, and depth
  • Material – vinyl liner, concrete, or fiberglass
  • Longevity/durability
  • Maintenance – daily (cleaning, chemicals)
  • Maintenance – long-term (repairs, replacement components)
  • Safety and security

One further consideration is the average length of the outdoor swimming pool season in Canada. In general, inground pool usage time may span four or five months annually in terms of pages on the calendar, but the actual usage period is even shorter when the number of truly available days are counted, due to unpredictability in weather patterns.

Therefore, from a purely practical point of view, an inground pool with a vinyl liner may be the best option.

The Advantages Of Installing And Owning An Inground Vinyl Pool

At first glance, one may be inclined to believe that an inground pool with a vinyl liner is a less attractive or less preferable option than a pool constructed of concrete or fiberglass. Upon suspending that preconception, it becomes apparent rather quickly that an inground vinyl pool can be the most attractive choice for homeowners.

There are several advantages and benefits to installing and owning inground vinyl pools in contrast to fiberglass or concrete pools. These include:

  • Faster installation time – perhaps as little as one week
  • Lower shipping, delivery, and installation costs
  • A smooth, non-abrasive surface (a safety feature)
  • Low maintenance – the non-porous nature of a vinyl liner minimizes algae formation and as a result, pools with these liners require less chemicals than other materials
  • Inground vinyl pools can be customized in terms of size, shape and depth
  • More suited to withstand harsh winter weather/cold temperatures
  • You can select from several patterns and colour schemes for an attractive look
  • When a vinyl liner needs to be replaced (every 10 years on average), this work can usually be completed in one day – minimal downtime versus replacement or repair times for the other materials

Aveco Pools specializes in the design and installation of inground vinyl pools and their experts will ensure that your pool best suits the size and shape of your backyard.

Build the backyard of your dreams this summer by installing an inground vinyl pool. Call the swimming pool installation experts at Aveco Pools today at 905-640-2666 or contact us for a free consultation on the pool that best suits your preferences as well as the available space in your backyard.

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