Uplift Your Backyard by Building a Pool Deck

A beautiful backyard with a Pool Deck

You find your spirits lifted as the warm weather approaches. Of course, you are thinking about ways to uplift your backyard this summer too. Building a pool deck is a smart idea to make pool and backyard time more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing. Imagine being able to step out of the water and relax in a poolside lounge chair right away on your new deck. Summer barbecues will be so easy to organize by the poolside. For those times when you want to enjoy the refreshing sight of the water, without getting into the pool, your deck allows you to walk around or sit with your favourite book and enjoy your backyard oasis.

Are you ready? Here are some professional pool deck building tips and design ideas from the experts at Aveco Pools.

How to Build a Pool Deck

Summer is coming soon and backyards across the country are starting to boast fascinating pool deck designs. It is not difficult to see why pool decks are so popular – they are inexpensive, fast and easy to set up, and do not need too much maintenance. The pool deck is a fun gathering place for your family and friends as well as a place to sunbathe or just hang out.

The problem is that many pool owners are unable to find enough interesting pool deck plans. The ones that look great may often require digging and pouring tons of concrete. However, a wooden deck can give you all the comfort, convenience and stylish upgrade you want for your pool and backyard.

Pool Deck Ideas & Designs

  • To avoid a long and expensive pool deck building project, you can build it using pressure-treated lumber.
  • You can make the sun deck connect to the pool deck for easier access to the water. You could place a table and some chairs around it on the sun deck, and even some chaise lounges.
  • One option is setting the entire deck up on concrete piers to avoid digging and pouring concrete. All you need to do is erect the piers on the ground.
  • Before you begin, check with your local building authorities to see if this type of pool deck design is allowed in your region.
  • Make sure you always have guardrails around your new pool deck for safety, especially if you are likely to have children and pets around.

The Costs Involved in Building a Pool Deck

An extravagant pool deck of a luxury house

If you are building a pool deck, we recommend a very affordable alternative to concrete - timber decking, as mentioned above.

Advantages of this type of decking include the aesthetic features and its softness; which is important if you have children that might fall on the concrete and hurt themselves.

The natural beauty of timber is an important consideration. While it is true that timber requires more maintenance than concrete, it is still worth it because the surface is more resistant to slipping and you will not find puddles forming between the boards.

The price of timber decking is about the same as that of concrete, but in some cases it can be a bit more. On average, it is around $200 per square meter including work costs. Keep in mind that timber decking is the more sustainable option if you look at the job in general, including surface preparation and swimming pool costs. Timber decking can add $3,500 to the overall cost on average.

If the price isn’t your only consideration, click here for some more information as well as examples of popular types of pool decking and pool deck designs.

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