Why Choose a Career with Us?


At Aveco Pools, we are a hardworking, reliable, growth-oriented company. We reward talent and success and we pride ourself in a history and culture of success.

We are looking for hard working and motivated individuals to join our team. Make sure to check back to stay up to date on our current openings.

Swimming Pool Technician

As a swimming pool technician, you will make sure the water is clean and safe for customers to swim in. We are looking for skilled workers who are experienced in servicing indoor and outdoor swimming pools and their equipment. This position entails driving from site to site, and ensuring our customers pools are well maintained and in good condition. 

Major Responsibilities: 

  • Pool liner installation, equipment install and leak repairs.

  • Skim the waterline and clear of leaves, sticks, pine needles and other debris

  • Clean out or backwash filter to relieve pressure and restore flow rate

  • Check pool equipment and verify that everything is working properly

  • Maintain the proper chemical balance for the pool

  • Other duties as required

Swimming Pool Construction Worker

As a swimming pool construction worker, you will be responsible for helping in the completion of pool builds and pool renovations. We are looking for skilled labourers to add to our construction team and aid in the installation of swimming pools. You will be required to operate a variety of hand and power tools safely and abide by the health and safety rules. 

Major Responsibilities: 

  • Operate jackhammers, drills and other power tools

  • Position, join, align, and seal structural components

  • Shovel cement/other materials and spread concrete

  • Grind, scrape, and sand surfaces using abrasive tools/machines

  • Read and interpret plans, instructions, blueprints, structural drawings, rough sketches, and specifications

  • Other duties as required

Send your resume to info@avecopools.com