Pool Upgrades

Here is a list of upgrades that can be added around or to your new pool to better your outdoor experience, and complete that backyard oasis you’ve always dreamed of.


Automatic Systems

Be at the forefront of cutting edge pool technology by installing an automatic pool control system. Frequent trips to your equipment pad are eliminated with the simple touch of a button. Control your pool /spa temperature, jets, lights, waterfalls, cleaning cycles and more from a wireless device in the palm of your hand. Imagine remotely adjusting your spa to that perfect temperature on your way home from work. Fully programmable to ensure optimal equipment efficiency, you’ll enjoy both the convenience of automated controls, plus the savings in operation costs. By adding one to any new or existing pool, it’s like putting your pool operations on cruise control.

Energy Efficient Equipment

The choice to use our eco friendly line of energy efficient equipment can be the most valuable and responsible addition you add to your swimming pool! Multiple speed “smart” pumps that can cut electrical costs by up to 90%. eco friendly cartridge filters that eliminate the need to backwash and discharge water and chemicals from the swimming pool.

Our LED lights are brighter and use up to 86% less energy then traditional bulbs.

These cutting edge equipment options can make your Aveco pool run and operate at a fraction of the cost of other systems, with less maintenance to watch over by the home owner! Have a look at this online calculator to learn more and find out how the return on investment can be almost immediate.


Salt Water Conversions

Our #1 selling electronic chlorine generator that eliminates the need to mix, measure and mess around with liquid or tablet chlorine and dramatically enhances the swimming experience. Takes the worries and hassle out of pool ownership.


Pool Decks & Patios

Flagstone coping, interlock or pattern concrete.

Spill Over Spas, Hot Tubs & Whirl Pools

Choose from a wide variety of spa options that can be added to any existing or new pool.

Pool Accessories

Diving boards, slides, safety ladders, solar blanket & reel, vacuums, skimmers, and any other pool accessory needed.


Pool Steps

Come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and textures and can be added to any existing or new pool.

Swimming Pool Water Features

Water falls, fountains, aqua accents, deck jets, mist sprayers and any other water feature you may desire.

Rock Features & Retaining Walls

The use of rocks can be used for a variety of purposes around your pool, such as: sitting areas, to retain earth, gardens, diving rocks, water falls, entrance ways and steps, to mention a few.


Cabanas & Wood Structures

Custom cabanas, arbors, pergolas, privacy panels and other wood structures to add to the complete backyard oasis.

BBQ’s & Cooking Areas

A backyard is not complete without a barbecue, let us create a cooking area to enhance the overall experience of your outdoor getaway.

Fire Places & Feature

Extend your evenings into the night with one of our fireplaces or features and enjoy the nightlife around your pool.


Swimming Pool Lighting

Whether swimming or just lighting up the night, you’ll enjoy endless nights of brilliant colour beyond compare. Our LED lights are brighter and use up to 86% less energy then traditional bulbs.