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How To Make Your Backyard Private


So you’re finally living the dream of having your own inground pool. But what many first-time pool owners don’t realize is that they may not be able to fully enjoy their new pool unless they make their backyard private.

How can you relax knowing your neighbours can check out all the action from the garden fence. So creating some privacy can be one of your best swimming pool upgrades.

4 Ways to Make Your Backyard Private

First, how you choose to block neighboring views of your pool and yard depends on your personal preferences. Fortunately there are lots options to suit different tastes.

  1. Privacy Fences - We’ll start with an obvious choice. Surrounding your yard, or at least the pool area, with a privacy fence is a straightforward solution. Fence height may be restricted by local bylaws, so you’ll have to double-check those before making a final decision. Even if you go the fence route, you still have plenty of options, from a standard pressure-treated wood fence to more budget-friendly metal fences. You might discover other ideas for fences with a visit to your local home improvement store.

  2. Hedges - This one make take some time to grow tall enough to shield you from view, but it can be a very attractive option. You can use typical hedge bushes or get more decorative with a cedar hedge.

  3. Outdoor Curtains or Lattice Partitions - These may be one of your more creative options. They work particularly well if your yard is partially blocked from view but you need to fill in some gaps. A lattice partition can be portable or permanent, with the portable version giving you the option to create instant privacy anywhere in your outdoor space.

    Outdoor curtains made of weather-resistant material can also be movable and they can make the space feel like a cozy hideaway or an airy outdoor room.
  4. A Mix’n’Match Privacy Combos - Fencing your entire yard can get expensive, regardless of the material. But a single lattice partition will only offer so much privacy. So consider using a variety of options to make your entire yard, deck or patio as private as you want then. Strategically placed, trees and shrubs can block views as well as any fence, while offering you a focal point.

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