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Keeping Your Swimming Pool Ready for Use this Summer

Swimming Pool Contractors Keep Pools Ready for Use throughout the Summer

For many families, particularly those with children in elementary and/or high school, the end of the school year in June is often considered to be an unofficial start to summer.

It is a time of year when daylight hours are at their peak, temperatures are climbing, and children are no longer constrained by classroom/homework time, an ideal combination of circumstances that encourages frequent and extended use of backyard swimming pools.

This time of the year also signifies that pool owners, that is, the parents, will likely need to increase their time and efforts to maintain a clean and healthy swimming environment for their family and friends.

This includes the thorough inspection and preparations that are necessary when the pool is opened as well as its maintenance during the swimming season.

Opening the pool on an annual basis is a significant task in and of itself; however, it is critically important that the pool be in proper working order when the season begins so that its use can be maximized during the summer months.

This is a fundamental reason why a majority of pool owners use a swimming pool company such as Aveco Pools to open their pools each year.
  • Inspect the liner for leaks, tears, sags, or
  • Inspect the pool walls for pitting or cracks
  • Adjust the water to an appropriate level
  • Test the pump, heater, other equipment
  • Check/clear skimmers, filters, and vents
  • Assess any water features (hot tubs, jets)
  • Check lighting and electrical connections
  • Add any/all requisite chemicals, algaecides
  • Survey deck/patio/coping for winter damage

Throughout the swimming season, pool owners must be committed to regular pool care and maintenance, minimally on a weekly basis and perhaps even more often based on the amount of pool use and other factors such as the type/style of pool and weather conditions.

Regular/weekly swimming pool upkeep should consist of:
  • Skimming and removing all foreign debris from the water
  • Maintaining correct chemical balance (or water chemistry)
  • Ensuring that all equipment is functioning at optimal levels
  • Making sure that all filters, traps, drains, etc. are kept clear
  • Monitoring for signs of water leaks/possible structural damage

Good maintenance practices are important to ensuring that the pool is clean and ready for use basically on demand, yet retaining such a swimming environment can be a rather time-consuming responsibility.

Pool owners can reduce the time commitment to these maintenance tasks, and increase the time available to them to actually enjoy their pool, by contracting a swimming pool company such as Aveco Pools to keep the pool ready for use throughout the summer.


Our Swimming Pool Company Keeps Your Water Clean and Chemically-Balanced

From an overall perspective, commitment to regular/weekly pool maintenance, through the professional services of swimming pool contractors like Aveco Pools, will help in ensuring that the water remains clean and chemically balanced.

These are extremely important qualities from the standpoints of:
  • Hygiene
  • Aesthetics
  • Structural integrity

Examined on a closer basis, pool water kept clean and balanced provides the following:

  • Importance of Keeping Pool Water Clean
    • Presenting an inviting appearance
    • Preventing the spread of diseases
    • Protecting equipment from damage
    • Avoiding unnecessary repair costs
    • Importance of Keeping Pool Water Balanced
      • Optimizes effectiveness of chlorine
      • Prevents irritation of eyes and skin
      • Preserves liner/pool wall reliability
      • Removal of impurities/contaminants
      • Increases overall swimmer comfort

Give yourself more time to enjoy your pool this summer by turning over its weekly maintenance requirements to the very capable swimming pool contractors at Aveco Pools.

  Call the Aveco Pools team today at 905-640-2666 to set the plan in motion to keep your pool ready for use all summer long.