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4 Tips For Opening Your Pool In Spring

As the warm weather approaches, it is time to start thinking about opening your pool. While it is exciting to think about being in your pool all summer, there is some work to be done before the enjoyment starts. Additionally, it is wise to check on your pool and make sure it is in good condition after being closed all winter long.

Let’s go over 5 tips for opening your pool in spring.


Remove Water And Debris

Your pool cover is the only thing between your pool and outside debris. Therefore, it is best to remove any excess water or debris that has accumulated on your pool cover over the winter. You can use a cover pump to remove the excess water and a broom to remove the debris.


Check Pool Equipment And Machinery

Since your pumps may have been disconnected throughout the winter, you should check to see if they are running properly. Additionally, your pool filters may have some debris leftover from your fall cleaning. So, it is best to take a look at all your equipment and clean it before turning it on. This way, if you need to replace anything, you can do so early on in the season.


Vacuum The Interior

Throughout the winter, the water in your pool may have had some bacteria or algae growth. Additionally, there may be leftover dirt from the previous season. So, get out the vacuum and allow it to run for an entire day. This way, your pool can be clean when you are ready to use it.


Test The Water Balance

If you were not monitoring your pool's pH levels throughout the winter, then it is best to do so as soon as possible. Depending on the pH levels, you may need to shock your pool and add more chemicals to balance it out. Doing this early on will allow the chemicals to sit in your pool and settle before you use it.


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