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4 Tips on How to Have The Best Staycation Vacation


First of all, whether or not you’re planning a staycation in Ontario this year, you should know that it is a very Canadian thing to do.

The term “staycation” was coined by Canadian comedian Brent But on his hit Canadian comedy TV series, Corner Gas, which was set in the very Canadia, but fictional, town of Dog River, Saskatchewan.

A staycation, sometimes known as a holistay, means staying home for your vacation and not doing anything that’s more than a short drive away

4 Tips for a Great Staycation in Ontario

Fortunately, Toronto & the GTA are a great place for staycations because of the options you have. You can start with visiting some of the big city tourist attractions that T.O. has to offer, but that you’ve never tried. You could head to wine country in Niagara or Prince Edward County, or go for a day-long outdoor adventure in a provincial park.

In any case, the following tips will make your staycation the best.

  1. Pretend You’re Actually Going Away - Before you start your staycation, do the things you might do when going on a regular vacation. Clean-up the house, stop all deliveries, mow the lawn, do your regular swimming pool maintenance, tell work you’re on vacation and so on. That way you’ll reduce the chances of day-to-day chores and work issues interrupting your time off.

  2. Go Shopping - You do it before going away, so why not for your staycation? Get a new outfit, beach or pool toys, even something like a pool slide, that will make it feel like you’re visiting somewhere new.

  3. Make a Plan - You need to have at least an idea or goal for each day. If not, you risk not knowing what to do and end up doing nothing new.

  4. Don’t Scrimp - One of the reasons for a staycation is to save money, (although COVID-19 gives you lots more reasons). But if you make every meal at home, or don’t go places that you might go on a normal vacation due to the cost, you might end up not doing certain things and having lots of dishes to do.

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