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When Should You Close a Pool in Ontario?


It's been quite a summer! If ever there was a time to be thankful that you have a swimming pool, the COVID summer of 2020 is it. The combination of the lengthy heat waves and limited options for amusement can make pool owners wonder how they would get along without a pool.

That said, we hate to be the bearer of the bad news. News that you know is coming. As it does every year, the time to close your pool for the year is fast approaching.

Still, considering how much use your family got from the pool this year, and the fact that you’re not sure how you’ll keep them entertained when the pool isn’t an option, you may want to keep the pool open as long as possible.

Here’s When You Should Close the Pool

Of course, the biggest influence on how long you keep your pool open is the weather. Even if it's still warm outside today, there’s no telling what tomorrow’s weather will bring. And that brings us to our first factor in determining when to close your pool.

The Outdoor Temperature

While many people will not keep their pool open past Thanksgiving (October 12th), you may want to push the envelope this year. And you can as long as outdoor temperatures let you. Of course, if you have a pool heater, and you’re willing to run it regardless of the cost, you can add as much as a month to how long the pool stays open.

The general rule of thumb is to close your pool before temperatures fall below freezing at night. While running your pump keeps the water from freezing, you don’t want to risk damaging the pool in the event of a power outage in freezing temperatures, and the pool maintenance and repair costs that can result..

Pool Accessories & Water Features

Pool toys that require plumbing, like a slide, and some water features where water in plumbing lines may not be moving, are particularly susceptible to freezing temperatures and may not be saved by your heater or pump.

Excess Pool Debris

If there’s a lot of tree cover around your pool, resulting in lots of leaves in the pool during the autumn, you may need to close the pool to avoid clogging and damaging your system.

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