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4 Top Pool Landscaping Ideas

Inground pool landscaping ideas are the same as regular landscaping ideas, except they’re different!

The similarities are that both backyard and pool landscaping are about altering the design, layout and/or features of the outdoor space to make it more attractive in appearance, and more attractive to use.


Consider These Pool Landscaping Ideas

The beauty of your backyard pool design and landscaping is that you can leave it exactly as it was installed, or make it a work in progress. You can add your design ideas over time to achieve a certain look and feel, or make it something that is constantly evolving, with new patio designs and pool ideas.

Whatever your goal, consider some of the following ideas to improve your outdoor living.

  1. Reimagine the Pool Deck


As the visual “frame” for your pool, it has as much influence on the look and feel of your pool as a frame around a picture.

Especially if you have a concrete deck, consider a move to interlocking stone or flagstone for a warmer, more creative feel.
  1. Water Features


Water features may be one of the most popular pool renovations and one with the most potential to transform the pool area. They look great, offer options for the relaxing sounds of cascading water, and they’re a lot of fun.

  1. Peace & Privacy


Even the most outgoing pool owners like at least some privacy. Depending on your situation, a natural privacy fence of cedar, privet or other trees and shrubs keeps everything green and natural. But a beautiful wooden or metal privacy fence gives you instant coverage.

  1. Gardens for Scent & Sight


The benefits of a beautiful deckside garden of sweet-smelling flowers just keep coming. First, they offer a visual treat and splash of colour to what is often a relatively monotone space. Second, if you choose varieties like jasmine, honeysuckle and lavender, you’ll make your pool smell as good as it looks.

Finally, the aforementioned lavender and other varieties, like marigolds, help to keep the pool area free of mosquitoes.


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