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Enjoy Your Pool Even More with These 4 Pool Deck Ideas

We’re willing to bet you really love your inground pool. Especially in the middle of a hot summer. There’s nothing like just jumping in to cool off on those scorching days. But, if you want to love your pool, even more, pool deck ideas may be the way to go, considering you can’t really change the water!


Think About Theses Pool Deck Ideas

Improving your pool deck is one of the best swimming pool upgrades you can do. You don’t even have to be in the pool to enjoy it!

  1. Change Up the Materials - If it’s time for a pool deck replacement, think about changing the look and feel of the deck by using a different material for it. You can get creative with patterned concrete, interlocking stone, or flagstone decks and coping.

  2. Try Some Pool Landscaping - When your pool was installed, chances are there wasn’t much landscaping around it when it was done. This is probably one of the easier DIY pool deck ideas, but a professionally designed and installed landscape around all or part of the deck can really bring out the aesthetics of your entire pool and yard.

  3. Add a Swimming Pool Feature - Your deck can be home to more than pool toys and chaise lounges. Pool waterfalls, whirlpools, or spill-over spas will not just look great, but add new elements of fun and enjoyment.

  4. Give it Some Fun Functionality - Do you like to eat by the pool? Do you hate to go into the house every time you need to change? Or would you like a new way to enjoy the pool in the evenings. Then you should consider adding an outdoor kitchen, pool house or outdoor fireplace to your deck.


If you want to tackle landscaping around the pool deck on your own, check out our article “4 Top Pool Landscaping Ideas”.