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4 Winter Pool Maintenance Tips

Winter pool maintenance is important throughout the winter. Once that pool cover is on, you still need to be checking on your pool to make sure it is intact and in place. Although you do not have to check it every day, it is best to check on your pool at least once every week or 10 days.

So, let’s go over 4 winter pool maintenance tips to help you with your pool during the winter.

Maintain Proper Chemical Levels

Keeping water in your pool can prevent bacteria and algae growth throughout the winter. However, you should ensure that the chemicals are properly balanced all winter long. If there are too many chemicals in your pool, it can lead to the walls and liner being damaged. But, if there are not enough, it is possible for bacteria or algae growth. If you have a pool cover, make sure you are able to monitor the pool water using a device, such as a salt chlorinator.

Clean Pool Cover

Your pool cover is the main piece of equipment protecting your pool from snow and debris. So you should make sure to keep it clean. A long broom is one way to remove snow. When you do, the pool cover won’t have as much weight on top of it. Additionally, if there are any surrounding trees or branches that could possibly fall and damage the cover, it is best to have them trimmed.

Check Filters

Since the temperatures drop during the winter months, you should check on your filters to make sure they do not freeze. If they do, there is a chance they could crack and need to be replaced come spring. Also, if there is any grease or oils in the filters, remove them sooner than later. If they are left until the spring, they will be much harder to clean.

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