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4 Factors To Consider When Keeping Your Pool Cover Safe

Your pool cover keeps your entire pool safe during the winter. Since it is the one barrier between your pool and outside debris, it is important to maintain the cover and keep it safe from outdoor elements. Without proper maintenance, you risk your pool cover being damaged, which can lead to the pool infrastructure being harmed. But, outdoor elements need to be considered during your maintenance processes

4 Outdoor Factors To Consider For Pool Cover Safety


As winter approaches, so does the threat of ice. When ice forms on your pool cover, do not try to remove it. This can lead to the pool cover ripping or physical injuries since the ice is slippery and sharp. Instead, let the ice melt on its own and then remove excess water with a cover pump. This way, your pool cover will not rip and you will not risk getting injured.



Storms throughout the winter can have very fast winds that can result in damage to your pool cover. It is important to secure your pool cover using water bags so that it stays in place all winter long. Using bricks, boards or cement cans is not ideal as the strong winds can knock them over onto your pool cover.



Make sure there are no surrounding branches near your pool cover. During the winter, the snow can get very heavy and result in branches falling. If they land on your pool cover, they might damage it. Try and cut surrounding branches before the arrival of heavy snowfall as a precaution. Additionally, using a leaf net over your pool cover is a way to help protect your pool cover from falling leaves or smaller sticks.



While many animals go into hibernation during the winter, some still lurk in backyards. Try to keep your pool cover clear so there is no debris that will attract animals. Additionally, if you see animals it is best to find methods, such as fences, to prevent them from going on your pool cover.


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