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Address Pool Leak Repairs Or Vinyl Liner Replacements Before Closing Your Pool In The Fall

Now that the swimming season is coming to an end for another year, homeowners may be tempted to direct their time and attention to other pursuits/priorities.

Unfortunately, this diminishing interest in using the pool could result in neglecting or overlooking any pool leak repairs or vinyl liner replacements that may be necessary before the pool can be reopened again in the spring. There are several signs, some more obvious than others, indicative that the pool may have a leak or a tear in its vinyl liner which would necessitate repairs or replacements before the pool is closed:
  • Water loss – an inability to maintain appropriate water levels
  • High usage of chemicals – unable to maintain proper chemistry
  • Constantly damp/wet ground along an outer edge of the pool
  • Cracked, loose, or unevenness in the pool deck

Additionally, the vinyl liner may be nearing the end of its lifecycle (estimated at eight to 12 years with proper care/maintenance) and be in need of replacement if one or more of these signs are evident:

  • Discolouration
  • Fading
  • Sagging
  • Wrinkles
  • Brittleness

If a potential or actual pool leak is detected, or should the vinyl liner be showing signs of age and/or wear-and-tear, pool owners should not hesitate to secure the services of a professional pool leak repair service such as Aveco Pools.

Our team is specially trained to provide all of the following services if and as needed:
  • A complete and thorough pool inspection
  • Pool leak detection and repair
  • Repair any damage to the vinyl liner
  • Vinyl liner replacement

The importance of performing such repair or replacement work before the winter is magnified by the severity of the damage that can occur if the leak or vinyl liner issue is left unattended.

While pool water can have a most inviting and refreshing appeal during the swimming season, it can also be particularly destructive once the freezing and thawing cycles arrive over the winter and into the spring.

The possible harm/damage that can result includes:

Insufficient overall water levels

  • Can cause pool covers to slip/fall into the pool under the weight of snow/ice
  • Solid pool covers may tear the vinyl liner away from the pool walls
  • Straps for mesh pool covers may become twisted/bent or break

Insufficient water in the shallow end of the pool

  • Vinyl liner may relax too much and pull away from pool floor and walls
  • In colder temperatures, the liner may wrinkle, crease, or shrink

Excess water around the perimeter of the pool

  • May freeze and cause a concrete or stone pool deck to shift, heave, or crack
  • Soil surrounding the pool can erode or shift with the spring thaw

Water seeping under the pool

  • May freeze and cause pool floor (poured or lined) to shift, heave, or crack

Neglecting to detect a pool leak or vinyl liner damage before closing a pool in the fall can lead to a number of serious repair issues that may subsequently need to be addressed during the winter. Attempting to perform this work in the snow and cold temperatures can be arduous, and likely temporary, until a full assessment and any permanent actions can be completed in the spring.

Therefore, it is very important to inspect for any leaks or damage before closing the pool for the year – and if pool leak repair or vinyl liner replacement is needed, that work should be done while the pool remains open in the fall.

Any procrastination, even if it is entirely unintentional, may have detrimental and probably expensive consequences before the pool can be reopened in the spring.

To ensure that your pool is safeguarded against costly winter-related damage, it would be highly advisable to have a professional pool service, such as Aveco Pools, perform a full inspection of your pool for leaks or any other possible repair needs.

Your pool is an investment as well as a source of family fun and entertainment.

  Proper inspection and maintenance will make sure that your investment is protected and that you get the maximum enjoyment from its use. Call the experts at Aveco Pools today at 905-640-2666 or contact us to arrange a pre-winter inspection.