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A Saltwater Generator Can Greatly Reduce Swimming Pool Maintenance Costs

One of the great delights of installing an inground swimming pool is the pleasure that is derived from its use. On the other hand, one of the great pains is the amount of maintenance that is required to keep it clean and properly functioning. In recent years swimming pool owners have been pursuing an option that can increase enjoyment time while simultaneously decreasing/minimizing maintenance time – this is achieved by converting to a saline pool with the installation of a saltwater generator.

A saltwater generator essentially converts common salt to chlorine through a process called electrolysis, or the use of direct electrical current to create a chemical reaction.

In this case, the saltwater generator separates chlorine from the salt (which is chemically known as sodium chloride) that has previously been added to the swimming pool water. As this salt water moves through the pool’s circulation system, it passes through a cell in the generator which in turn applies a low-voltage current, cleaving off the chloride molecules (chlorine) that subsequently sanitize the pool water.

From an overall or global perspective, a saltwater generator increases or decreases certain facets of pool ownership, all of which translate into positives for the pool owner:


  • Time for enjoyment
  • Safety aspects
  • Aesthetic appeal


  • Maintenance time
  • Maintenance costs

From a more specific swimming pool maintenance perspective, installing a saltwater generator provides several definitive advantages for the pool owner and/or pool users:

  • No need to purchase potentially hazardous chemicals/algaecides
  • The storage and handling of these materials is also not required
  • No need to continually test the water for chlorine levels
  • Much less potential for/probability of skin and eye irritation
  • There are no pungent chlorine odors or fumes
  • Water has a naturally clean appearance and sparkle
  • Virtually no maintenance means pool is essentially always ready for swimming
  • The saltwater generator is a closed-loop system – it constantly recycles the salt (which naturally regenerates as the chlorine is exhausted) so there is little need to add more salt after its initial application during the generator installation phase

Thus, in a nutshell, a saltwater generator professionally installed by a reputable dealer such as Aveco Pools can simplify or reduce the effort required to care for/maintain your swimming pool, and hence significantly increase the time available to enjoy its amenities.

Installing a saltwater generator is just one of several swimming pool upgrades that are offered by Aveco Pools as a means of enhancing your backyard experience and/or reducing maintenance costs.


To get the most out of your swimming pool this summer, call the specialists at Aveco Pools today at 905-640-2666 or contact us to discuss how a saltwater generator can minimize your swimming pool maintenance costs and maximize your time to simply enjoy your pool and its surroundings.