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Closing a Pool for the Winter Must Be Done in Expert Fashion

Inadequate Swimming Pool Maintenance Can Have Serious Repercussions

The recent summer months in Toronto and the GTA afforded pool owners an opportunity to enjoy many wonderful hours in their backyards with family and friends.

Stretches of long, hot, sunny days encouraged and almost formally invited families to maximize the use of their leisure time around the pool. In fact, many pool owners likely reflected that the anticipation of such weather was their motive for installing the pool in the first place (even if it meant more time spent on swimming pool maintenance needs too).

Unfortunately, the weather in Canada has four distinct seasons and Southern Ontario is not granted an exception.

The leaves are turning and starting to fall, temperatures are noticeably cooler/colder, and the amount of daylight is diminishing each day, all of which means that more swimming pool maintenance is needed; the time has come to close the pool.

There is, however, a rather significant difference between pool maintenance during the swimming season and closing the pool for the winter.

While the majority of the former is dedicated to keeping the pool clean and healthy for use each day, closing/winterizing the pool for the off-season takes on the added importance of:
  • Protection from the elements

  • Providing for the safety of family/pets

  • Preventing damage and expensive repairs

  • Preparing for a smooth re-opening in the spring

There are several vital considerations/steps to closing and winterizing a pool, including:

  • Inspecting for leaks/damage

  • Reducing the volume of water

  • Balancing the water chemistry

  • Adding suitable winter chemicals

  • Removal/storage of all accessories

  • Secure installation of the pool cover

  • Clearing residual water from all parts

  • Pump, filter, heater, chlorinator


All of the above can indeed be done in do-it-yourself fashion, provided that pool owners have the time, inclination, and confidence to perform the steps in a correct and thorough manner. However, an inadequate or incomplete pool closure can certainly result in some serious repercussions moving forward, in terms of the overall condition of the swimming pool and its equipment and from the perspective of potentially extensive and expensive repair service.

Therefore, pre-winter pool maintenance has to be done in an expert manner and, for this reason, is often left to the experience of a professional swimming pool contractor such as Aveco Pools.


Swimming Pool Maintenance and Service Should Continue Over the Winter

Although a swimming pool might be thoroughly and adequately closed in preparation for the winter, it does not necessary mean that its maintenance needs can be ‘closed for the season’ as well.

There are still some rather important aspects to its upkeep that should be applied over the winter months even though the pool is lying dormant for a prolonged period.

Once again, these steps can be handled by a do-it-yourself pool owner or by a swimming pool company like Aveco Pools.

The most fundamental processes in maintaining the pool throughout the winter include:
  • Checking the pool chemistry

  • Inspecting for leaks or damage

  • Inspecting the pump, filter, and heater

  • Clearing snow from the surface of the pool cover


Owning a swimming pool represents a significant financial investment, in its installation and its maintenance from one year to the next.

Therefore, protecting that investment, particularly in light of the harsh winters that can be experienced in Toronto and the GTA, will prolong its lifecycle as well as prolong the time over which it can be enjoyed.

Aveco Pools offers a full complement of swimming pool maintenance services throughout the calendar year to help pool owners realize the greatest, and longest, returns possible on their investment.


To ensure peace-of-mind that your swimming pool will be well-protected over the winter, call Aveco Pools today at 905-640-2666 to discuss your maintenance needs for the winter and throughout the year.