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Dealing with Pool Flooding Due to Heavy Rains

Extensive Swimming Pool Maintenance May Be Needed After Heavy Rainstorms

Any homeowner who has filled a swimming pool with water for the first time can attest to the sheer volume that is required; they might offer a quantitative answer by quoting a number, in gallons or litres, or by producing the water bill for that usage period, or they can give more customary qualitative responses such as ‘a lot’ or ‘it took forever’. So, if it seemingly takes forever to fill a pool, why can it essentially overfill and flood the surrounding property so quickly during a torrential rainstorm or after an extended period of rainfall? Because casual observers may underestimate, or underappreciate, just how much water can accumulate in a contained area, in this case the space between the lip of a pool and the surface of its water, in a rather short period of time. This accumulation is not only due to the rainwater entering the pool directly but also from run-off volumes resulting from overwhelmed sewer, drainage, and gutter systems. To a pool owner, however, this scenario is not only a possibility but will most likely be a reality at some point or points throughout the time that they maintain a swimming pool. Such situations can also be rather disconcerting to these homeowners, since some pool maintenance and landscaping maintenance will undoubtedly be required whenever this flooding occurs. Heavy rains can have a number of negative effects on the state of a swimming pool:
  • Water contamination
  • Altered pool chemistry
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Algae/bacteria proliferation
  • Depositing of wind-blown debris
  As a result, pool owners may be faced with several important tasks before the swimming pool can be re-opened, so to speak, for safe use once again. These maintenance-related needs can involve the following steps:
  • Skim and vacuum out dirt and debris
  • Drain excess water to restore proper level
  • Test and readjust water chemistry accordingly
  • Super-chlorinate/shock the pool to remove cloudiness
  • Inspect pool/deck for damage – repair as needed a.s.a.p.
  • Observe drainage patterns around pool – regrade/re-landscape
  The above actions and processes can be rather time-consuming from the pool owner’s perspective; however, any and all steps must be performed and completed thoroughly in order to avoid further complications and unnecessary maintenance/repair costs – not to mention providing a healthy swimming environment. To avoid any shortcuts, either due to time constraints or other unintentional factors, and to ensure that the after-effects of any pool flooding are fully resolved, pool owners may choose to call upon a professional swimming pool service provider such as Aveco Pools.  

Consider the All-Inclusive Maintenance Services of Swimming Pool Contractors

While heavy rains/flooding can certainly intensify the maintenance requirements for pool owners, such occasions are hopefully few and far between. Independent of any special attention resulting from pool flooding, maintaining a pool and a healthy environment for swimming must be a consistent and recurring process. In and of itself, routine swimming pool maintenance requires a commitment of time and effort on the part of a pool owner. For some, work and family responsibilities as well as other leisure activities may have an impact on the amount of time and effort that they can and do commit to the upkeep of their pools. Under these circumstances, or perhaps to just maximize the amount of leisure time that they can devote to actually swimming in their pool, it may be beneficial for pool owners to use the comprehensive maintenance services offered by professional contractors like Aveco Pools. In addition to the peace of mind affording by relieving pool owners of their maintenance responsibilities, Aveco Pools offers a number of specific pool-related services throughout the calendar year. Such services include:
  • Pool opening and closing
  • Weekly pool maintenance
  • Leak detection and repairs
  • Equipment repair/replacement
  • Appropriate winterization measures
  Benefit from all-inclusive swimming pool maintenance services, including weekly upkeep and post-flooding clean-up, provided by Aveco Pools, one of the leading swimming pool contractors in Toronto and the GTA for over 35 years. Call the professionals from Aveco Pools today at 905-640-2666 to discuss your pool maintenance needs.