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Fall is not Just a Time for Closing Your Pool

Fall is always a bit of a sad time for pool owners. Not only do you suffer through the same end of summer blues as everyone else, but you have to once again say goodbye to your pool, and all the fun you had with it this year. And speaking of this year, it might be particularly frustrating to close your pool after the summer of 2017. With the highest temperatures and driest days happen in September, it wasn’t a summer full of long, hot days lazing by the pool.  

What Can Pool Owners Do About the Autumn Blues?

In a way, pool owners have things a little bit backwards. Every spring they’re chomping at the bit, calling the pool company early to make sure they book their pool opening, checking equipment to make sure everything’s in good order, buying chemicals, getting new toys, and what about a new swimsuit? Oh, and you’ve been thinking, maybe adding that pool spa isn’t a bad idea after all. Of course, no one can be blamed for letting the excitement of the approaching summer and anticipation of pool time fun get the better of them. It’s natural to think of the pool, it’s maintenance, upgrades and anything else about it in the spring. But it’s also just about the worst time for all of those things. Unfortunately, every other pool owner in town is thinking the same thing as you when springtime finally rolls around. That can pose a number of problems. First, in the case of supplies and equipment, they might actually be tougher to find in the spring, even though pool supply companies have stocked up. And if you want to make that spa upgrade, or renovate the pool deck, or, if you don’t actually have an inground pool but you’re thinking about pulling the trigger, be prepared for a bit of a wait for installation while the pool company works through the waiting list of installations and renovations.

Fall is the New Pool Time

Instead of letting the melancholy of closing the pool and the curtains on summer set-in this fall, think about making improvements to your pool, even a full installation right now. Here’s why the fall is a great time to improve your pool.

1. It Can be Less Costly

Of course, fall and winter are a down time in the pool business. Installers, landscapers and equipment manufacturers all see lower demand for their products and services. Pool equipment manufacturers use the time to set up for next year with improvements and newer versions of their products. Changes that often mean higher prices. Despite the downturn in the fall, pool installers still have crews that they would like to keep busy and they are often willing to extend their working season by offering price discounts for their services.  

2. Faster Installation

With lighter schedules in the fall, pool installers have more time to install or upgrade your pool, so it can usually happen faster than in the busy spring and summer seasons.  

3. It’s a Good Time to do the Work


One More Reason to Install, Maintain or Upgrade Your Pool in the Fall

Imagine how much more you’ll look forward to the spring knowing that all your new features are waiting for you!