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‘Tis the Season – To Think About Your Pool

First, we hope you and your family enjoy a safe and healthy holiday season and have a Happy New Year, especially in your pool! While it seems a long time ago now, we hope you were able to enjoy your pool at least into October this year because of the warm autumn we had here in Stouffville and York Region. It’s a good thing too, because the summer wasn’t exactly a scorcher. But, regardless of how long you managed to keep the pool open this year (maybe you’re still swimming!), it’s probably far from your mind right now, especially in the midst of the busiest time of the year. Still, this can be a great time to at least start thinking about your pool and any maintenance or repairs it might need. First, if you’re like most pool owners, you think about these things only when the pool’s open. But you don’t want to miss the few precious days of summer, so you don’t end up getting anything done. Second, if you start thinking about pool maintenance and repair now, and get in touch with a pool company early in the new year, you can find yourself first in line when spring rolls around.  

What to Consider

Sometimes the pool is so far out of your thoughts at this time of year that it can be difficult to remember everything you were thinking about or needed last summer. It’s important to keep in mind that, when it comes to maintenance and repair, one of them prevents the other. You can wait until you have to shut down the pool in the middle of July to repair a leak or broken pump, or have your pool and equipment regularly inspected and maintained, especially early in the spring, and avoid the closure.  

So, pool maintenance should be a high priority.

Pool Liner, Walls & Tiles

Pool leak detection is perhaps the most crucial pool maintenance task there is. If there is a leak, it will only get worse and the sooner your repair it, the less damage there will be and less it will cost to repair. If you must lower the level of the pool to repair a leak, or for any other reason, like when you close it for the winter, it’s a good time to check the tile, grout a caulking around the outside edge of the pool for any repairs or replacement that might be needed.  


From water filters to your solar covers, every piece of equipment associated with your pool is exposed to harsh chemicals for at least half the year. While the filter equipment, pumps and heaters are designed to handle the chemicals, they still take a beating. Again, to make sure you’re not sitting on the deck in the middle of summer, have your pool equipment inspected when you open the pool in the spring, including filter equipment, the filter itself, pumps, water heaters, cleaning equipment, safety equipment and covers.  

Pool Accessories

When was the last time you did anything to maintain your diving board? With almost constant exposure to the sun, and often left in place over the winter, your diving board, water slides, steps and ladders take as much punishment as any other part of your pool. The good news is that they’re a little easier to inspect, maintain and repair. Use a good fibreglass cleaner on them all to help protect against harsh sunlight. And a bit of polish will help keep the slide slippery so you don’t get stuck halfway down. While it’s the season to enjoy time with your family and friends, there’s nothing wrong with sparing a moment for your pool. Your family and friends will thank you come springtime.