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Feel Free To Dream When Preparing Wish Lists For Inground Pools This Winter

Unlike the act of purchasing a vehicle or boat, new inground swimming pools cannot be test-driven (or test-swum?) before they are installed.

Once the installation is complete and the water is in the pool, it will be extremely laborious, not to mention expensive, if homeowners have a change of heart and want to now choose one of the alternate pool designs presented/seen previously. Therefore, when homeowners opt to invest in new inground pools, the planning stage takes on extra-special importance. There is little opportunity, if any, for what one might call ‘a do-over’, so every aspect of the planning process must be examined with a great deal of time and attention. And what better way to start than sitting around the dining room table with family on a cold winter night discussing the many options and preparing a wish list?

As with most wish lists, all items may not be possible, practical, or affordable, but it does not hurt to dream a little or perhaps dream a lot. When it comes to inground pools, a wish list should consider, but not be limited to, the following aspects and suggestions:

Pool designs

  • Shape, size, depth, and colour
  • Vinyl liner, concrete, or fiberglass
  • Special features – vanishing edge, wading area

Plans for use

  • Entertaining, physical exercise, quiet relaxation
  • Seasonal or year-round

Water features

  • Inground or above ground
  • Hot tub, spa, whirlpool
  • Fountains, waterfalls, deck jets


  • Self-maintained or an external pool service
  • Chlorination or saltwater conversion
  • Pool cover – mesh, solid, safety-secured


  • Diving board, slide, ladders, swim-up bar


  • Capped dollar amount or flexible ‘wiggle room’
  • Non-negotiable items versus optional elements
  • Preferred method of financing


  • Target date for selecting a pool contractor
  • Target date for reviewing possible designs
  • Completion date for installation and first swim

Once the wish list is essentially complete, it should be reviewed with a professional swimming pool contractor, such as Aveco Pools, to assess the possible costs and viability of each wish.


Transform Pool Designs Into Backyard Sanctuaries With The Aveco Pools Team

The eventual enjoyment that homeowners will derive from their inground pools will be based in no small part on their choice of contractor.

Much of the excitement garnered from their planning efforts and wish list iterations can and likely will be tempered if the proposed pool designs are substandard and/or the actual construction work is shoddy.

The team from Aveco Pools respects the financial and emotional investments made by homeowners and their families when they decide to move forward with the installation their inground pools. We also recognize the joy and elation that families can experience when the pool of their dreams comes to fruition.

To this end, we welcome all wish lists and/or questions from prospective pool owners in an effort to create suitable and affordable pool designs and transform them into backyard sanctuaries that will endure for many, many years. The expertise within our team is reflected in the wide range of services, including:

  • Pool designs and installations
  • Construction of water features
  • Maintenance and winterizing
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Saltwater conversion systems
  • And much more

Prepare your wish list over the winter and make your dream pool a reality next summer by contracting the design and installation professionals from Aveco Pools. Call us today at 905-640-2666 or contact us to get the planning and design processes underway as soon as possible.