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Is Your Pool in Optimal Physical Condition to be Closed for the Winter?

In Canada, the Labour Day weekend generally signals that summer is rapidly drawing to a close. With most summer activities now merely memories and schools back in session, turning the calendar page to September also turns the thoughts of many homeowners to preparing their properties for the cold that inevitably lies ahead; for some, this adds the task of closing their swimming pool to their many other chores and responsibilities. Pool owners know all too well that proper closure of their pool is particularly important in protecting this asset over the winter as well as assuring that it can be re-opened without concerns the following spring; they are also aware that this process requires somewhat more time and effort than merely laying a tarp across the surface of the pool. And while many owners are indeed conscientious about closing their pool, it is incumbent on them to ensure that it is in optimal physical condition before shutting it down for the season.

One of the most important steps in the swimming pool closure process is leak detection; this is true for all pools but particularly those with vinyl liners; whether for above-ground or in-ground pools, vinyl liners typically have lifespans of 6 to 12 years, and even a small leak that escapes detection and repair can have catastrophic effects on the pool, and the owner’s pocketbook, over the winter and/or in the spring.

To learn more about the various reasons why vinyl liners might need replacement, go to our Vinyl Liner Replacement Information page.

The same philosophy applies to other structural aspects of the pool, including the coping, the deck/patio, and the walls/bottom (in concrete or fiberglass pools). All of these areas should be thoroughly inspected before the annual pool closure to make certain that there are no cracks/leaks in need of repair; otherwise, the consequences could be dire indeed.

Additional information on the importance of attending to pool leaks or other types of pool repair before the winter can be obtained by visiting our Fall Pool Repair Page.

In the vast majority of cases, actions such as pool leak detection, vinyl liner repairs, pool coping replacement, and winter closings should be contracted to professional swimming pool service providers, such as the team at Aveco Pools. Trained technicians from Aveco Pools perform over 600 pool closings per year; as a result, their knowledge and skills can assure pool owners of the following benefits from this service:

  • Extending the life of the liner and/or pool
  • Preparing the pool for the return of spring
  • Safeguarding the pool from winter damage

Comprehensive Pool Closing and Repair Services by Experienced Professionals

Ensuring that a backyard swimming pool is shutdown in optimal condition in the fall can help avert any re-opening delays, and costs, in the spring due to such circumstances as:

  • Leaks/liner tears
  • Stains/algae growth
  • Equipment breakdowns
  • Inadequate water chemistry
  • Deck or patio cracks or heaving

In addition to their leak detection, pool/vinyl liner inspections, and pool repair services, Aveco Pools provides comprehensive pool closing and winterizing services consisting of several fundamental yet equally important steps; this process includes:

  • A complete pool cleaning
  • Decreasing the water level
  • Balancing the water chemistry
  • Draining pump, filter, and heater
  • Clearing, drying, and sealing all lines
  • Adding all appropriate winter chemicals
  • Removal and storage of pool accessories
  • Secure installation of the winter pool cover

To close the swimming season in the most efficient manner and have peace of mind that their pool is in optimal physical condition for the winter season, pool owners can rely on the specialists from Aveco Pools. For additional information on the swimming pool repair and maintenance services provided by Aveco Pools, visit our Swimming Pool Services page.

Protect your swimming pool this winter and ensure that it is in prime shape to re-open in the spring. Call the pool maintenance experts at Aveco Pools today at 905-640-2666 or contact us to arrange for the closing of your pool at your earliest convenience.