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Can I Change the Depth or Shape of My Swimming Pool?

When to Hire Pool Renovation Services

Pools become a central social spot in many people’s homes. Morning workouts, lazy afternoons, and weekend barbecues make the swimming pool a much-loved part of many residences. If your current pool no longer fulfills your needs for the number of guests you host, age of your children, or personal interests and swimming pleasure, you may be wondering what your options are for changing the size of your inground swimming pool. Luckily, it is possible to convert a pool into a diving pool and have Pool Renovations completed that can ensure your pool is still as enjoyable and functional as possible for your family and guests.

If it is time to convert, renovate, or maintain your swimming pool, contact the experts at Aveco Pools. Our team has years of experience completing installations for New Pools or renovating existing pools. Read below to learn more about what is involved in altering yours or Reach Out to tell us more about your swimming pool and desired changes.


Considerations and Options for Renovating Your Inground Swimming Pool

Once you have identified the changes you want to make to your existing pool, you will likely be wondering if they are possible and how much they will cost to execute.

Here are the major changes that are possible for a swimming pool renovation:

  • Adjusting Depth: If you are interested in having more options for diving, you may be seeking a deeper pool. Do some research to determine the standards for the type of diving you want to practice and ensure you are considering all safety standards when finalizing the depth you will require.

  • Altering the Size: Compare prices for size adjustments with the cost of an entirely new pool installation. Sometimes, depending on your location, the price differential is not very much, and it is worthwhile to get the latest vinyl pool installed.

  • Changing the Shape: Whether you started with a customized shape and now want a more classic approach, or your existing shape does not complement your property, it is possible to change the shape design of your pool. Keep in mind that these changes can be expensive depending on the factors listed below.

  • Other Modifications: There are plenty of other options to upgrade, enhance, or renovate your inground pool. Consider adding new accessories like an upgraded diving board, slide, or adjusting the entrance area for a more safe and accessible pool. Speak with the professionals at Aveco Pools if you have something particular in mind and we can help with advice and services to make your vision a reality.


Keep these considerations in mind for a successful inground pool conversion:

  • Drainage and Return Lines: Size changes in particular mean that a lot of attention will need to be paid to your existing water lines. Most renovations should be able to utilize the existing system, so you can save on new parts and the labour involved. Book an assessment and consultation to determine how much of your existing lines can be rerouted and reused.

  • Pool Type: The style of your pool is the biggest determining factor for how much your pool renovation services will cost. Vinyl Inground Swimming Pools are the easiest to alter. A quick cosmetic refresh can be completed by changing the liner, or a depth change can be made without overly extensive work. Pools that are made with polymer and steel walls will have a similar budget and are also fairly easy to adjust. Fibreglass swimming pool renovations are more difficult and costly and may be limited in terms of the final results. Concrete is extremely difficult to re-do but can be completed if you have the budget.

  • Price: One of the biggest decision-making factors for many pool owners is the cost of the swimming pool renovation. If you want to change the depth of your pool, alterations to vinyl or steel and polymer pools can cost between $10,000 to $50,000. Depending on the market, Changes to Concrete Pools can be twice that price for adjustments.


Change the Size of Your Inground Swimming Pool with Aveco Pools

Aveco Pools can provide an estimate and customized pool alteration services to inground pools across the GTA.with the renovations you need.


Contact Aveco Pools today for assistance with your old pool replacement or filling. Check out our Pool Services or Contact us Online.