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Pool Designs and Trends for 2017

Trends in fashion are a yearly thing. Trends in food seem to change monthly. One trend that is exciting and offers you something in return for being “hip” is that of pool designs. Pool trends change too, but you never have to worry about your swimming pool design decreasing in value. Instead, when you add a pool to your home, you also boost market value and appeal.  

Swimming Pool Design Ideas to Match the Latest Trends

The trends for swimming pool designs and plans in 2017 are exciting. They take some of the traditional aspects of pool design, and make them more unique, aesthetically appealing, and fun. Whether you are looking for pool ideas for small backyards or you want to update your existing pool, it is important to know the trends and then decide on a look and feel that matches your home’s architectural style and landscape. Here are some of the latest swimming pool designs for homes:
  • Colours and Walls: The colours of today’s swimming pools are leaning toward the clean, modern look. Also, darker coloured pool surfaces are becoming the preferred option for swimming pool designs in small and big yards alike. Acrylic wall pools are increasingly popular. These clear-sided pools are fun for above-ground models and spas overlooking your pool.
  • Setting the Mood: Creating the perfect backyard oasis is every homeowner’s dream. After all, the idea of a “staycation” is popular with today’s budget-savvy consumer. Building tanning ledges, multiple pool patios, and adding water features are just a few ways to stay home and enjoy the perfect holiday with plenty of pool fun. Also, fire pits and barbecues that come right up to the pool are ideal when you need compact poolside ideas for small backyards. Resort-like entryways and beach entries are also trending as more people are choosing to avoid expensive travel without giving up on the leisure and relaxation.
  • Size: Smaller pools are growing in popularity. While they still offer the depth you need to swim properly, homeowners are taking advantage of useable square footage to install swimming pools suited to their backyard’s compact size.
  Whether you are eager to embrace trendy Swimming Pool Designs & Build one from the ground up or just revamp your existing pool, Aveco Pools can help. We offer swimming pool design guides and experts ready to create the ideal pool for your home and budget. Summer is almost here, so to get your pool ready just in time for the heat, schedule a consultation with our design team. Contact us here at Aveco Pools to order an inground vinyl pool today or give us a call at 1-905-640-2666.