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How to Open Your In-Ground Pool After Winter

Get Back in the Water with a Professional Pool Opening Service and Useful Tips

After a long winter under covers and snow, it can be difficult to remember the best method for opening your in-ground pool for the summer season. From heating to water and pool opening chemicals, there are a lot of factors to take into account that may be hard to keep track of, especially if you are opening your pool for the first time. Follow the steps below or work with Aveco Pools and take a more relaxed approach to preparing and maintaining your pool this year. Our experienced team provides a convenient pool opening service and regular maintenance so that you can enjoy what you love most about your in-ground or above ground swimming pool. Let us take care of the details while you just take a dip.  

Key Steps to Open Your In-Ground Pool

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, use the following steps to guide you through preparing your pool to be opened. Here are the top considerations and steps you will need to take when opening your pool after winter:
  • Mesh Covers: If you use a mesh winter cover, begin by loosening the anchors provided. Remove the cover and clean it before leaving it to air dry. Make any necessary repairs to straps or springs before placing it securely in storage. Note the warranty of your mesh pool cover when you get it, as most have specifications for storage and use that maintain the validity of the warranty.
  • Interior of In-Ground Pools: Remove any water lines or other damage. Effective, specialized products are available that can get the job done more easily. Be sure to choose a cleaner that is formulated for the material of your pool interior.
  • Equipment and Systems: Inspect your pool equipment thoroughly and make any necessary replacements or repairs before opening the pool. The pool skimmer should be installed, along with the sand filter, modular media cartridge, and pool pumps. Don’t forget to double check the security of all installations and grease the lid O-ring of your pool pumps. Heaters should be connected with the pop off valve shut and faucet valve closed. Open water and gate valves and prepare any additional accessories you use with your pool.
  • Priming Your Pool System: The first step is getting any anti-freeze out of the system. Do this by putting the valve in backwash setting in order to flush the waste away. Fill the pool 3/4 of the way with a skimmer and then proceed to fill the pump trap before turning the power on.
  • Chemicals: Most in-ground pools will require a combination of 8 or more gallons of chlorine, 1 quart of water clarifier, and 1 quart of algaecide. Allow the pump to run for 48 hours before testing the water. If you are using well water, be sure to circulate 1 liter of Metal Free before proceeding to add the chlorine mixture.

Let Aveco Pools Open Your In-Ground Swimming Pool after Winter

Have questions about the methods outlined above or unfamiliar with the different parts and steps to open your pool for the first time? Aveco Pools can help at the start of the summer and throughout the season. From opening to closing your swimming pool, and necessary maintenance checks in between, we are here to provide reliable services.   Contact Aveco Pools today for your pool opening. Check out our pool services and contact us online.