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Pros and Cons of Salt Water Pools

Although traditional chlorine pools are popular, they can make your skin itchy and your eyes burn. For that reason, many people will opt for a salt water pool. Although there are some downsides to salt water pools, they have many pros that can make them appealing to pool owners.



Higher Safety

Besides the fact that your eyes won’t burn and your skin won’t feel itchy, they can be safer. When you have a chlorine pool, you have to store harsh chemicals in order to keep the chlorine levels balanced. If these chemicals fall into the wrong hands, they can be extremely harmful. But, with saltwater pools, no harsh chemicals are needed.


Less Maintenance

Chlorine pools require a great deal of maintenance. You have to constantly check the chlorine levels to ensure it is safe to swim. With saltwater pools, those daily checkups are not needed. The saltwater produces chlorine as needed, but it doesn’t require maintenance.



More Expensive

Saltwater pools tend to be a bigger investment. The lining and other pool factors need to be strong enough to withstand the salt. You also need to consider the cost of adding saltwater cells, typically every 5-7 years.


Can Damage Materials

Salt has the ability to erode your pool lining and other parts of your pool. If this happens, you’ll need to repair the damage and, very often, avoid using your pool while it’s being fixed .


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