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How Long Do Inground Pools Take to Build?

Installing an inground pool is exciting. It adds value to your home and gives you, your family, and guests an area to swim and enjoy the summer. You may also choose to build a cabana or a patio in addition to your pool installation. But, they can more time to the overall construction phase.

Here is an outline of how long it takes to install an inground pool.


Design & Permits - 1-6 weeks

The design of your pool has to be confirmed. You need the space in your background to install it and you need the design to fit. You also need permits in order to install a pool. Unfortunately, getting the permits are out of your control when it comes to how long they will take. This process takes about 1-6 weeks. But, it can be started in the winter or spring, so you have everything ready for installation in the warmer months.


Excavation - 1-2 Days

This depends on the depth of your new pool, ease of access, and other factors. If you are installing a patio or cabana, then it can take longer as well.


Building The Pool Shell - 1-4 Weeks

Depending on the material you choose, it will affect how long the installation takes. You may also be faced with material delays that can extend the timeline. Fibreglass pools can be quickly installed after the pool shell is built. However, concrete pools take extra long since there are more steps to follow. You have to frame the shape, add rebar, pour the concrete, and surface the pool. It can take upwards of 8 weeks.


Landscaping & Construction - 1-4 Weeks

Chances are you will need to add some landscaping and finish up your patio or cabana after the pool is installed. This can take upwards of 4 weeks depending on what landscaping and construction needs to be done.


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