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Reasons Why A Vinyl Liner Replacement May Be Needed For Your Pool

It has often been said that nothing lasts forever and this is particularly true as it applies to the vinyl liner of an inground swimming pool. From the day that the pool is first installed, pool owners can almost begin a countdown to the time that a vinyl liner replacement will be necessary – similar, in many respects, to the adage that a new car begins to depreciate the moment it is driven away from the dealership parking lot for the first time. The life expectancy for the vinyl liner of an inground pool is generally accepted to be in the range of 8 to 12 years. While some vinyl liners will always find a way to defy the odds, there are just too many factors, either controllable or non-controllable by the pool owner, which will conspire to bring about the need for a replacement liner. Some of the more common reasons/signs that you need a vinyl liner replacement include:
  • Age – Older technology is not comparable to present-day standards/processes
  • Leaking or seepage – Noticeable and consistent water loss on a regular basis
  • A major cut/tear/rip that cannot be properly patched – A sign of lost pliability
  • Fading of colour or pattern – From prolonged exposure to UV light and chemicals
  • Wrinkling or sagging – Due to improper chemical balance for extended periods
  • Personal taste – A new look (especially if the home/pool had a previous owner)
  • Bad luck – Accidental or incidental damage by pool users or weather conditions
  A damaged vinyl liner in an inground swimming pool can cause a substantial amount of inconvenience for the pool owner and for those who enjoy the pool on a regular basis, especially as the outdoor pool season in Canada can be limited by weather conditions. A further inconvenience occurs when the pool owner is required to install a replacement vinyl liner, not to mention the cost of such an exercise.

Call A Professional For Vinyl Liner Replacements

If you need a vinyl liner replacement in your inground pool, the importance of installing that liner properly and in accordance with manufacturer standards virtually necessitates the hiring of a professional pool restorer. Replacing a vinyl liner is a multi-step process that requires time as well as attention to detail. It can also be an expensive undertaking, especially if the liner needs to be custom-designed to fit the shape of your inground pool – in short, you want the job to be done right, and done right the first time. A professional pool restoration and installation company, such as Aveco Pools, employs experienced and properly-trained staff to ensure that this objective is fulfilled. The expert installers at Aveco Pools will make certain that all of the following steps will be carried out appropriately and professionally when installing a new vinyl liner:
  • Proper drainage of the inground pool and removal of the old vinyl liner
  • Filling, smoothing, and/or patching any holes or protrusions in the pool wall
  • Any other necessary repairs to the underlying structure/integrity of the pool
  • Stretching the replacement liner tautly, without bubbles or wrinkles
  • Deftly working around steps, ladders, corners/angles, and other obstacles
  • Adhering to installation procedures in accordance with related warranties
  • Follow-up to ensure that the liner is working properly after the pool is refilled
  If the vinyl liner for your inground pool is in need of replacement or repair, call the experts at Aveco Pools today at 905-640-2666 or contact us for a free quote or to arrange a no-charge consultation at your earliest convenience.