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Should Your Keep Your Pool Uncovered In The Winter?

For many pool owners, you may debate whether or not you should use a pool cover for the winter or not. You may wonder if it is really necessary or if it makes that big of a difference. All of these thoughts are completely valid. And yes, you don’t have to put a pool cover on your pool. However, it does help to keep your pool and the remaining water safe from the cold temperatures and snow.

If you decide not to use a pool cover, here is what you should do to avoid any pool damage.


Keep Your Pool Clean

Although the pool pumps and pipes may be winterized, you can’t vacuum your pool during the winter. But, you can use other equipment to remove leaves, bugs, or other debris from the pool. Use a rake to remove any debris and a pool brush to scrub the walls of your pool. You can also use a rod to circulate the water and any snow that could be freezing.


Test The Water

Put it on your daily list of chores to test your pool water. Any rain or snow damages the water in your pool, affecting the chemicals like pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness. If you notice that the water is unbalanced, add chemicals to it to try and get it back to a balanced state. If you are adding chemicals to an uncovered pool, pre-dissolve them before adding them by putting them into a bucket filled with water and pouring them around the edges of the pool. Make sure you circulate your pool water afterwards to ensure the chemicals are properly dissolved into the pool water.

You should also be using chlorine and algaecide during the winter. If you notice any algae growing, shock your pool to get rid of it.


Open The Pool Early

Although you might have been cleaning your pool throughout the winter, there is no guarantee that it will be completely clean and ready to be used. Plan to open your pool about a month earlier than you would if you have a pool cover. This way, you have plenty of time to get the pumps flowing and treat the pool water to be ready for the summer months.


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