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What Happens If You Don't Winterize Your Pool?

Winterizing your pool saves you money. Yes, you read that right. Skipping the winterization process can lead to pool damages and repairs that end up being costly and time consuming. And, you don’t want to risk losing pool time when it is already limited during the summer months.

Let’s go over what can happen if you decide not to winterize your pool.


Cracks Can Form

Surface cracks are not uncommon if your pool is not properly maintained. Your pool is especially vulnerable to cracks during the winter simply due to the freezing temperatures and the ices that results. Any pooling water can freeze and form cracks in your pool or on the surface. Cracks can be problematic in many ways, so it is wise to winterize your pool to prevent them from happening.


Higher Electricity Costs

If you’re a pool owner, then you know what it costs to have one. You have to pay to keep the pumps running all season. If you don’t winterize your pool, then you will have to keep the pumps running even longer. And, this not only increases your electricity bills, but it can lead to costly damage. Any water in your pipes during the winter can freeze and burst the pipes. So, simply winterize your pool to avoid the extra costs.


Objects Can Fall In Your Pool

One of the last steps when winterizing your pool is to put the pool cover on. Without a pool cover, there is nothing preventing any leaves, debris, snow, ice, or any other objects from falling in your pool. And all of these objects can damage the pool. Properly secure your pool cover onto your pool, making sure it won’t blow off.


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