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This Year’s Top Swimming Pool Accessories

To say that the past couple of summers have put some added pressure on your pool might be an understatement. Many families might wonder where they would be if they didn’t have their inground or above-ground pool to enjoy while they spent so much time at home.

But all that extra duty can lead to a bit of “pool burnout”. It’s not like you’d ever not love your pool, but you might just need a little something to put more enjoyment back into it.


3 Top Swimming Pool Accessories

In the world of fashion, it’s said that accessories complete your outfit. We like to think that the following pool accessories help to make your pool more complete. Or at least give you more complete enjoyment of it.

  1. Water Slides


Water slides are enjoying a resurgence in popularity with families looking to add yet another way to enjoy their pool. If you haven’t considered a slide recently, you’ll probably be surprised at the different sizes, colours and configurations you can choose. They just might be the swimming pool upgrade you can have the most fun with.


Wondering just how much enjoyment you can have with a solar blanket? Think of it this way. Instead of waiting for your pool water to heat up before jumping in, a solar blanket will keep your water warmer. So you can jump in sooner. And it’ll wind out of the way in a second using the convenient reel.


3. Swimming Pool Lighting

If you think of a single, underwater ‘headlight’ when you think of swimming pool lighting, it’s time to take another look. Eco-friendly LED options are available to create a variety of lighting effects that you can enjoy while swimming, or just sitting and watching them.


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