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What Type of Pool Lasts Longest?

If spring’s arrival has you thinking about finally installing an inground pool, you have lots of decisions to make. What is your budget going to be? What swimming pool upgrades do you want? And what type of pool lasts the longest?

By now you probably know there are three main materials used to build swimming pools. They include fibreglass pools, vinyl liner pools and concrete pool construction.

If having the longest-lasting pool, the freedom to choose any shape and size you want, and low maintenance is high on your list of must-haves, then you should consider installing a concrete swimming pool.

What Type of Pool Lasts Longest?

Why Concrete Swimming Pools Last Longest

Concrete has been the most popular building material around the world for thousands of years mainly because of its strength and durability. Concrete pool construction has been around for almost as long, dating back to Roman times.

But the long-lasting strength of concrete is not the only thing that makes concrete pools so durable.

  • Today’s swimming pool installers build a concrete pool with steel-reinforced pool walls and pool floors. The steel reinforcing bars further protect the pool against cracks or other damage.

  • Pool builders actually spray the concrete (either shotcrete or gunite), using high-velocity air pressure, onto the walls and floor of the pool. The process of spraying consolidates and compacts the concrete for even greater strength and to help it better adhere to the steel reinforcing.

  • Concrete pools can be finished in a wide range of materials or concrete finishes, including marbelite, pebbled aggregate and ceramic tile. In addition to creating an attractive look for your pool, every type of concrete pool finish adds yet another layer of protection to the concrete.


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