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When Is The Best Time To Open Your Pool In Ontario?

May two-four. For most pool owners, the default date for opening your pool in Ontario is Victoria Day Weekend.

Except that might not be the best time to open your pool.

Of course, Ontario’s a big place. The best time of year to remove winter pool covers can vary depending on your location.

But one thing is true about the best time to open an inground pool regardless of where you live. It's probably earlier in the year than you think.


When You Should Open Your Pool in Ontario

While the Victoria Day Weekend is a convenient time to finally uncover your swimming pool, it might be too late in the year. At least if you want a cleaner pool when you first get to jump in.

No matter where you are in Ontario, the best time to open your pool is once you are sure that there is no longer a threat of freezing temperatures in your area.

Here’s why it's better to open your pool early.

  1. Fight Algae Growth - If you’ve ever opened your pool to a sea of green, much of that algae growth would have happened in the warmer temperatures just before opening. Open your pool early and it’ll be easier to keep the water clear and clean.

  2. Get in the Swim Sooner - If you have a pool heater, you’ll be ready to jump in on those warmer days in the spring.

  3. Do Your Pool Maintenance & Repairs - Early opening gives you more time to do your regular pool maintenance, discover any unexpected problems and solve them before they take away from your swimming time.


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