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Why to Boost Your Pool Maintenance Program During Heat Waves

Oh yes!!! The winter seemed longer and colder than usual. But so far the summer of 2018 has been a great one for pool owners. There’s no better way to get through a heat wave than in your backyard pool. But to keep the pool ‘open’, you must be more vigilant about your pool maintenance program during heat waves. Just like just about everything else, your pool reacts differently to things when temperatures get extremely high. The heat isn’t a problem for your pool by itself, but it can lead to activities and conditions that can damage your pool. You just need to be mindful of the warning signs and take steps to address them.  

Remember these Pool Maintenance Steps During the Next Heat Wave

1. Shock Your Pool

If you’re like most pool owners, family, friends and the neighbourhood kids seem to come out of nowhere during a heat wave. That’s great and it’s probably one of the reasons you invested in a pool. But whether it’s an afternoon of endless children, or a Saturday night with lots of neighbours, the added traffic in the pool takes a toll its chemical balance. Make sure you shock your pool and check the chemical levels after every big pool gathering.  

2. Clean Above the Waterline

Again, when the pool traffic is higher, you need to clean more than the water. The pool will not be as quick to filter away things like skin oils and suntan lotions from the surface of the pool water. They can all end up on the walls of your pool above the waterline. Even if you shock your pool and rebalance you chemicals, the deposits that sit on your pool wall above the waterline can remain. Over time, they can stain your liner and/or cause it to fade. Make sure to clean above the waterline, all around the pool, after every large gathering.  

3. Keep a Closer Eye on Evaporation

Extreme heat evaporates pool water exponentially faster than regular temperatures. Even if you take a look in the morning and everything’s good, it may not be so good in the afternoon. And significant evaporation can happen overnight. Be sure to keep your water levels above your filter intakes to prevent the pump from running dry. You can slow down evaporation by using the pool cover at night and whenever the pool won’t be used for a while.   As always, whenever your pool gets more use, you should also check and clean your filters more often. If you would like to learn more about pool maintenance or let the pros keep your pool in top condition, contact us here at Aveco Pools.