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How to Pick Vinyl Pool Liners

What a great summer we’re having here in the GTA and Southern Ontario. You never appreciate having an inground pool more than when it’s hot and sticky outside. But, considering that most of our recent summers haven’t been so pool-friendly, a long hot summer can have at least one down side for your pool. The extended warm weather means you’re probably using your pool more than ever. While the wear and tear can have an effect of just about every part of your pool, from pumps to steps, there’s one where it can have a hidden effect.

The Effect of Hot Summers on Your Vinyl Pool Liner

Of course, your vinyl pool liner is designed to take a beating from swimmers, chemicals and the sun. When you’ve had a few summers of relatively mild summers, you can begin to think that your pool liner is indestructible. But when suddenly there’s added stress from increased swimming, more pool chemical balances and lots of sunshine, you might not notice the effect on your liner. Especially when your liner is older, a hot summer can deteriorate the liner fairly fast.

How to Choose a New Pool Liner

If you pool liner its showing signs of its age, or it’s actually damaged, right now happens to be a very good time to start planning to replace it. The fall is one of the best times to replace a liner because many pool companies slow down in fall. Not only do they have more time, but you may be able to get a better price on liners before new models are released in the spring. In any case, if you’re thinking about getting a new pool liner installed, there are a few basics to help you choose the one you want.

1. Water Colour

The colour of the water in your pool depends on the liner you choose. You can generally get liners that will give the pool water one of five different shades of blue.

  • Aqua Blue
  • Sky Blue
  • Vivid Blue
  • Deep Blue
  • Dark Blue

2. Patterns

This is what most people think about when choosing a liner. Fortunately, regardless of which water colour you chose, there is a wide variety of patterns for each one.

3. Textures

If you have steps in the pool that will need to be covered by the liner, you can opt to add a texture to the steps for increased safety.

4. Thickness

Of course, a thicker liner will generally last longer than a thinner liner. But installing a thicker liner can sometimes be more complicated than a thinner liner. This is especially true when the weather is colder and the vinyl less pliable. If you want to learn more about replacing your pool liner and choosing a new one, contact us here at Aveco Pools.