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Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Swimming Pool Safety Cover

You only get to enjoy your swimming pool for a few months every year. But keeping it clean and ready to go when the hot weather hits is a year-round job. In winter, a big part of that job is done by your inground swimming pool safety cover.

Whether you have a hardcover or a soft cover, winter can throw a lot at it, including snow, ice, debris and, of course, water. If your cover isn’t up to the task, or if you don’t practice some basic cover maintenance, you could face a big swimming pool cleanup in spring. You could also end up with a damaged cover or pool. Perhaps worst of all, water build up on your cover is a safety risk for anyone around the pool.


3 Tips for Maintaining a Swimming Pool Cover in Winter

The basic problem your cover faces in winter is the build-up of water, snow and ice. Here’s some of what you can do to minimize the chances of damaging your cover or swimming pool.

  1. Use the Right-Sized Cover - A cover that’s too large or too small will make it that much more difficult to maintain. If the cover just fits over your pool in the fall, the weight of water and snow on it can cause it to sag and open gaps around the edges. Larger covers can be difficult to keep anchored and all or part of them can blow off of the pool in winter’s winds.

  2. Remove Snow - It’s important to clear snow off your cover as often as you can. Left to accumulate, it will be more difficult to remove, it may freeze into ice, or melt into a cover-sagging puddle. Keep an eye on your cover during snow falls. Try to clear it off before the snow accumulation makes it too difficult to remove. Use a long broom or pool brush to reach across the entire cover. If a pool of water accumulates, use a cover pump to remove it.

  3. Try to Avoid an Ice Buildup - This is way easier said than done. After all, we’re talking about winter in Southern Ontario here. The highest risk of damaging your pool cover and/or pool comes from an ice buildup. Use a cover pump whenever you can to remove water - even if it means doing so often. The one time you skip getting rid of the water on the cover will be the time that temperatures drop substantially.


To learn more about maintaining your swimming pool cover in winter, or any time of year, contact Aveco Pools today.